39 Week Doctor’s Visit

I got a call this morning asking if I could come in for my Doctor’s appointment early. I’m not sure what happened that caused this, but fine by me! I was pretty anxious to find out how things were looking.

Everything appears to be fine. Blood pressure is still ok. Weight shot up a little bit again, but I had guzzled a ton of water this morning, so I’m thinking it’s partly that as well. She looked at my swollen feet, but wasn’t too concerned. Good thing it was the morning. LOL!! The swelling is always less in the morning.

Then it was the oh-so-exciting time for my cervical check.  I’m about the same amount  (40%) effaced as I was 2 weeks ago and now to 1 cm dilated. So the good news? There’s been some progress. The bad news? Only 1 cm is not very encouraging for going into labor. Although my Dr. said that things can move very quickly at this point, so who knows when she’ll come.

I am happy that she is against unnecessary interventions, though. She doesn’t want to talk about inducing me unless a) the baby is in distress or b) I’m more than a week past due.

Next week I have another regular check-up on Monday – my due date – and then if she’s not here yet, I go in on Thursday afternoon for an ultrasound and non-stress test (NST) and another check-up. The ultrasound will be to check my amniotic fluid levels. The NST will be to make sure the baby’s not in distress. And the check-up is to check my cervical progress.

Let’s hope I don’t make it all the way to Thursday!! Keep your fingers crossed.



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2 responses to “39 Week Doctor’s Visit

  1. bri

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a baby on your due date so i can go straight from the airport to the hospital and skip work!

    Maybe if she’s born this weekend we can convince uncle erik to skip work and fly home with me 😉

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