It’s gone!!! It’s gone!!!

Last night was rough. Cramps like you wouldn’t believe. I wasn’t sure if they were cramps or contractions. As I keep telling the doctor – I have no idea if I’ve had contractions because I don’t know what they’re supposed to feel like.  I’ve heard them described as feeling like strong menstrual cramps though. ?

And I was feeling a lot of pressure LOW in my pelvis.

Then, this morning, it happened.  I lost my mucous plug!!!!!

FINALLY! A sign that labor may be coming sometime soon. And the even more exciting part? I was having contractions and they were coming and going in waves, like they say that real labor contractions do. WO0T! So Alex and I started timing them. They were 10-12 min apart and about a min long. 😀

But now, they have slowed down and stopped almost entirely. 😦 Still having lower back pain, but not so much in front aside from cramping. Now that I know what contractions feel like, it’s definitely different than the cramping I’d been/am feeling.

Oh well. At least something has happened. That is very exciting and encouraging!


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