Hospital Visit #1

Tonight I gave in and called the Family Maternity Center. These inconsistent contractions, the cramps whenever I try to lay down to sleep. It’s driving me nuts and when I called, they said to come in.

So they took me to triage to monitor me. Baby Madeleine is fine. She’s moving around like crazy. I am still only 1cm dilated. She thinks it is prodromal labor since I didn’t have any significant contractions for the hour and a half I was there. So. Blah.

There was, however, some protein in my urine. Combined with my puffiness and I had mildly high blood pressure – again they are concerned about preeclampsia. 😦 So they took my blood again.

We’ll hear if there is anything concerning in the labs. Otherwise, my doctor told the nurse to give me some medicine to help me relax and get some sleep. I was told to drink more water (I don’t feel dehydrated, but evidently I am) and sent home.

So…here I am. Making some food and about to take my pills. Ugggg. Come on Madeleine!!



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4 responses to “Hospital Visit #1

  1. Oh no! I’ll be thinking good thoughts for your results! And I hope you can get some sleep!!

  2. Aunt Kristine

    My impatience trait would have a hard time going through what you’re going through right now. I can’t imagine trying to discern between cramps and contractions! I do hope your blood pressure stabilizes and that you can be relaxed enough to get some much needed sleep.

    You’re delivering at Overlake, right?

    I love this blog site. Thanks for keeping us updated.
    Love, Aunt Kristine

    • thetomlinfamily

      Oh trust me – my impatience is making this hard, for sure!!

      I’m delivering at Evergreen, actually. πŸ™‚ The one in Kirkland.

      • Aunt Kristine

        Evergreen is a great hospital. I’ve been to their ER once or twice. We’ve had several great doctors in Kirkland, too! You are in excellent hands!!!

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