It’s a new day

Those pills from the doctor were amazing!! I managed to sleep through the night last night – with the exception of a few bathroom trips – and am much more rested today! And then I went back to bed for several hours after only being up for a couple hours.  I feel so much more energetic!

Alex has been fantastic. Pampering me with food. Carting my pillows and birthing ball all over the house for me when I forget it in the other room.  Rushing into the bedroom when he hears me get up to make sure I’m ok. 🙂 I really am a lucky girl!

Sleeping all the time makes getting enough water tough, so I’m guzzling water now that I’m awake again. And the silly part is that I’ve only been awake for a couple hours but I’m sleepy again. I guess that’s what happens after several days of little to no sleep.

I never heard back from the doctor today, so I’ll take that to mean that my blood work was fine. I have another appointment on Monday. I hope all is well then. Well, actually. I take that back. I hope the baby is here by then. But the next best thing is a successful appointment.

My feet were much less swollen this morning, but now they’ve completely swelled up again. How is that possible when I’ve only been awake for like, 6 hours, today? And my hands are totally swollen, too. To the point that it was hard to tug my size 9 ring off my finger. Geeeez.

My belly is hard pretty much all the time, which the nurse mistook for a contraction at first last night. But I’ve decided that Madeleine has just run out of room in there. I swear – she must be HUGE. I don’t know why she won’t just come out here, into the world, where there is much more room. Silly baby.



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2 responses to “It’s a new day

  1. Aunt Kristine

    Relieved to hear you got some sleep Heather. Little Miss Madeleine must really enjoy her stay, but now, we are approaching the “due date”, so no more snooze alarms! LOL

    Alex, as always, you make your Aunt proud. Thanks for being such a loving and doting hubby. You’re the BEST!

    Aunt Kristine

  2. woooohooo! Danielle here, so glad that Madeleine has decided to come out soon… I hear you are in labor now.
    I am sooo excited to meet her and tell her how amazing she is. 🙂
    Just a lil note to say i’m thinking and praying for you (and alex too!) tonight….
    Hugs to M!

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