14 day doctor’s visit

Madeleine had her first official appointment at the doctor yesterday.  She is doing so well! Here are the stats:

Weight: at birth she was 8lbs 8ozs – now she is 8lbs 13ozs (50-75 percentile)

Length: at birth she was 21 inches long – now  she is 22 inches long (90-95 percentile)

DSC03764She has no physical deformities and the doctor was very impressed with her social skills. He said that she maintains very good eye contact for her age and predicts she’ll be a social butterfly!! 🙂 He was pretty impressed with her, though.

Her neck is getting even stronger and she can move her head around pretty well now. It’s much less floppy than it was, and she can hold her head up for a decent amount of time, too!

The minimal jaundice that she had is slowly going away. The doctor wasn’t concerned about it at all, which is great. 🙂


So, we have started having tummy time with her, as recommended by the doctor. We also rock and sing to her. We talk to her and tell her little stories. We take her for walks around the neighborhood, which she always sleeps through. 🙂 Something about her car seat and the movement puts her right to sleep.

Today I may try to venture out with her on my own to run some errands for the first time. But…I dunno. I did a bit more than usual yesterday and was having more pain from the c-section, so this may need to wait.



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2 responses to “14 day doctor’s visit

  1. bri

    that fuzzy hat is so.freakin.cute. omg. when do i get to snuggle her again?!

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