Madeleine’s first bath

This last week saw many firsts. Her first trip to run errands. Her first time out to a restaurant with her parents (we even made it through the entire meal without any fussing or dirty diapers or baby wanting to eat!!). Her first doctor’s appointment at the pediatrician. Her first overnight trip. Lots of firsts! 🙂

Well, while we were in Olympia visiting Alex’s family so Madeleine could meet the entire crew – her umbilical cord stump fell off!! YAY!! We’d been waiting for that so we could give her her first real bath at home.


Dad!!! This is NOT my favorite activity!

So, on Saturday after an exceptionally messy diaper, we broke out the baby bath tub that we received from Jackie and Dave and wet her down with some baby soap. 🙂 We also washed her hair so that it was all soft and fluffy again. She tolerated it, cried a bit, but was ok overall. 

I can’t wait until she’s old enough to take to the pool for some swimming. 😀


OK, I may be willing to put up with this afterall...



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