Madeleine’s First Trip!

DSC03903There were several members of Alex’s family that Madeleine had yet to meet that we wanted to get down to see ASAP. So last Thursday we packed up the car – who knew babies required so much more stuff for an overnight stay?? My goodness was the car packed! And all Alex and I took was a small suitcase for ourselves.

Anyway…Thursday night when we got in we went straight to Grandpa Steve’s house so that they could see her again. They hadn’t been able to visit with her since they had come to see us in the hospital.

Her uncle Trevor and Grandma Joan got to hold her as well. Trevor is just adorable with her. He’s completely fascinated and was SO proud to be wearing a red shirt that captivated her attention. 😀 And grandpa, he is just as proud as can be!



The 3 generations!


Then it was off to Grandma Karli’s house to stay the night. Her Aunt Lyssa was already asleep for the night, but Madeleine got to meet her Uncle Paul, who while not a baby person, did show a nice amount of interest for a few minutes. LOL Grandma Karli got some snuggles with the baby until Madeleine decided it was food time and then she proceeded to eat. For the rest of the night. I think we finally got to bed around 3:30 after feeding off and on since 10-ish. Eeesh!


Grammie's first look at baby Madeleine

Friday morning we woke up and went over to Grammie’s house. Grammie is Grandpa Steve’s mom. She was just ecstatic to see Madeleine! She said on the phone the night before “I don’t need to see you guys…just bring that baby!!” Haha! It was a nice visit for lunch and Grammie got to hold her for a while until Madeleine decided that it was her lunch time, too. She’s really got quite the knack for getting hungry right as mommy’s hot food is ready.


Smitten with each other 🙂


And then Gus showed up!

Then it was back to Grandma Karli’s house for dinner and time to meet her Great Grandma Karin and Mel! Lyssa also made an appearance for dinner, so she met her Aunt Lyssa, too. DSC03951

Thank you all for having us over! Madeleine was very happy to get to see everyone. She’s one lucky girl with such a big family to love and spoil her. 😀


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