1 Month Doctor’s Visit

DSC03920Yesterday we took Madeleine to her 1 month well baby check-up. We switched doctor’s this time because I didn’t realize that the first Doctor we took her to was a D.O., not an M.D. Alex and I weren’t super comfortable with that, so this time she went to see  Dr. George, who we both like a lot! It’s hard to describe the difference, but we both felt he was more scientific based in his comments and a bit less…opinion based?


Yes, she wriggles her way into these crazy positions all on her own!

Is it really possible that she’s a whole month old already??  The answer to that is actually, no. She’s not a whole month old already. That doesn’t happen until next week, but this was when we could get in to see the Dr. we wanted to see, so we’ll be going back for her Hepatitis B shot next week. Let me get back to the point though – where is time going? It’s going by far too quickly! Our little girl has already grown so much, it’s crazy!

So, once again, here are her stats:

Weight: She started out weighing 8lbs 8ozs at birth, went down to 8lbs 4ozs and was at 8lbs 13ozs last time we were at the doctor. This time? She was at 9lbs 8ozs. She’s in the 50-75% for weight still. I just can’t believe she’s gained a whole pound already. I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned that she’s a great eater. I suppose there’s no need to be worried about her cluster feedings.

Length: She’s now at 22 1/4″ long. So she dropped to the 90th percentile from the 95th that she was at last time she was measured. She might just end up being like me. Who knows. According to my mom, this is what happened with me. I started out really big/long and slowly stopped growing as quickly as other kids.

A few notable facts:

  • Madeleine started taking her first vitamin, per the doctor’s recommendations. She is taking Vitamin D supplements now. Just one little drop per day. 🙂
  • DSC04002

    Naughty daddy!!

    We got in trouble for co-sleeping with her without the use of a baby co-sleeper.  The risk of SIDS was the doctor’s major concern. That scared Alex from sleeping with her in bed anymore.  I guess I just needed the Dr. to scare him straight. LOL So now we are trying to break her of this habit, which is quite the task. **sigh** She has gotten so spoiled by always being held or sleeping with us that she almost refuses to go down in her own bed. The pack’n’play has been moved out of our room (her crib is not here yet) and into her room and she will sleep in her room, in her bed, from now on. Even if it kills me. Which last night, it almost did. I didn’t get more than an hour of sleep at a time last night, and an hour only happened once or twice. I’m hoping for better success tonight.

  • The doctor confirmed that her noisy breathing is still normal. Evidently babies have somewhat floppy airways and that’s what causes this noisy breathing. Good to know!
  • The doctor confirmed that her excessive eye goobers are normal, too. Baby tear ducts are so small that they have a hard time handling the volume of tears the eye makes and that’s what leads to this. He showed me how to massage the tear ducts to help with drainage, so I do that a few times a day.
  • We asked when it was ok for her to use a pacifier without disrupting breast feeding and he said it was more than ok now. It has helped a TON in keeping her asleep and/or soothing her when I put her down to do anything other than hold her. LOL
  • The doctor also stressed the importance of tummy time. We had been doing that with her anyway, but would pick her up when she started to get super fussy. He said that the frustration is good because it is what will motivate her to push up with her upper body and learn to roll over and crawl. Today after we let her fuss for a bit, she started moving her arms around and looked like she was trying to push off with them! 🙂
  • The exciting news is that within the next 2 weeks or so, she should start smiling socially!! 🙂 One of the very early signs of autism is the lack of a social smile between 4 and 6 weeks of age. So now I’m all paranoid and am making all sorts of silly faces at her and then smiling really big to try and get her to smile back at me. haha!
  • The doctor said that her neck strength is good and she’s holding her head up on her own (which we knew already) and he’s not concerned about anything there.
  • He also said that because I had pretty severe anemia while pregnant, that we may start her on solid foods a tad bit earlier than normal. We’ll take that as it comes. 🙂 She was approved for a pacifier though…and thank goodness for that! She loves it – and I think it’s the only thing that got me through the night last night.

Overall – a very good visit! No concerns from the doctor – except for the co-sleeping issue – which is more of a “naughty parent” concern. Not to worry. We (ahem..I…) am being super stubborn with her at night now to go down in her own bed. Even at nap time during the day, I try to put her down so she gets used to it.



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2 responses to “1 Month Doctor’s Visit

  1. Jo

    Aiden has slept in our bed without the aid of a co-sleeper JUST fine. In fact interesting that your doctor says it increases SIDS risks. Everything we’ve read and our doctor says it has shown to decrease it. So while I fully support the non-co-sleeping route, I wouldn’t feel guilty or bad for having her sleep with you without the ‘aid of a co-sleeper’

    Yay for the pacifier helping though!! Hope she’s sleeping through the night in no time!!!

    • thetomlinfamily

      Huh. Yeah…I’ve seen conflicting info, so I’m not sure. I didn’t want to co-sleep to begin with, so I’m just glad that now Alex is willing to let me put M down in her own bed and isn’t fighting me on it. We both sleep way better when we’re in our own beds. And she’s starting to get the hang of sleeping on her own now. 🙂

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