When they warn you about swelling…

they really mean, SWELLING! This is post-op when my entire lower body was swollen almost beyond recognition. DSC03662When I see people that I haven’t seen since just after the hospital they say “wow, you’ve lost so much weight already!” No, that’d be water. But I digress…my hips and legs and feet were so swollen that my loving husband went out and purchased a pair of extra large pajama bottoms from Target to a) not be rubbing on my incision and b) actually fit me since none of my pants that I owned did.

I’m not sure if you guys remember my pregnancy posts about my swollen feet. But the first one is here and the second is  here. I can’t believe how swollen I *thought* my feet were in that first post. LOL!!  The swelling in late pregnancy and post-op was so bad that I had actually forgotten just how little my ankles, knees and calves normally are. In fact, there was no difference between my feet, ankles, calves, knees and thighs. It was just one big stump all the way down. It was pretty gross and had my mom very concerned when she was here visiting. I couldn’t walk up and down the stairs normally because it hurt to bend my foot to walk like that, so I had to side step down the stairs. I was quite the sight that week. LOL!

Anyway, I’d meant to share this picture sooner, but completely forgot. So, there ya go.


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  1. Jo

    Yay for no more cankles!

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