Happy 1 Month Birthday!

Madeleine has officially made it through her first month of life here on the ‘outside’. 🙂 And even more importantly, this means that we as parents have survived the first month, too!

One month old, already!

Jo recommended the fantastic idea of taking a picture of Madeleine every month of this first year in the same spot as a way to show her growth progression. Fabulous! So, here’s her first one, to the right.  Note the adorable glider mentioned in this post. It arrived while my parents were here for their visit. 🙂 We just love it and spend a good amount of time rocking her back to sleep. In fact, I just finished rocking her to sleep for the night in that chair. It’s like a miracle chair for putting her to bed.

So, what has happened in this first year of her life? Let’s recap:

  • Madeleine made quite the dramatic entrance, scaring both her mom and dad and doctor and nurses in the process.
  • She had her first visitors at the hospital. Alex’s mom, step-dad, dad and step-mom and Trevor all came to see her! We also had lots of friends stop by and my boss even made an appearance.
  • 4 days after her birth we went for a check-up at the family care center and she was already back to her birth weight! 
  • October 24th, my parents showed up for their visit to meet the baby girl. 🙂
  • Madeleine got to go visit her parents’ birthing teacher and show herself off in her Halloween costume
  • Madeleine celebrated her very first Halloween.
  • Madeleine experimented with how her face muscles work…you can re-visit that here.
  • She has learned how to hold up her head and swivel it around for extended periods of time. She just loves looking around at everything.
  • She had her first trip to Olympia to visit those members of her extended family that she had not yet met.
  • She lost her umbilical cord and had her first bath!
  • She has already gone to the doctor’s twice. Once at 14 days and once for her almost 1 month check-up.
  • She had her first tummy time session at about 2 weeks old. 🙂 And has since started getting the hang of trying to roll her hips and swing her leg over. Now she just needs a bit more oomph behind it and she’ll be rolling over. She’s also been pushing with her arms a bit more.
  • She’s had many a meal out with her parents and friends.
  • She even went to her first book club at Jo’s house with her boyfriend, Aiden. (tee hee!) He did not seem pleased to see his mom holding another baby.
  • Jo was kind enough to loan us their infant swing, so Madeleine has had her first ride(s) in the swing. It even allowed me to cook a decent meal for Alex one evening.  Victory!
  • Madeleine went for her first walk around the neighborhood while my parents were  here visiting, and we’ve gone on several more since then, when weather permits.
  • Madeleine has been moved into her own room and now sleeps in her own bed in her room each night. Again, victory!!
  • Madeleine had her first successful night sleeping for an extended stretch of time last night. She went a whole 5-ish hours from about 1 in the morning until 6:30am, after Alex got home from work.
  • She has had her own special reading sessions with both her grandma and also with her mom and dad. She loves being read to at night before bed. 😀
  • She has been introduced to the pacifier. Although, oddly, she still prefers our finger.

And now, for photos!!

She smiles in her sleep. 😀

Cuddling with daddy and getting dry after a bath.

Wrapped like a little burrito in the sleep sack. The only way she'll stay sleeping for long.

Tummy time cuteness!!!

Probably not the best place to look for food.

I'm trying REALLY hard to get my leg over. Why won't it work?

Just cause I'm being chill, does not mean I'm happy about my mom styling my hair all crazy after my bath.

But I suppose I'll put up with it if it means I can ride in my swing.

However it also doesn't mean I won't be ornery and spit out my pacifier just as my mom snaps another picture. 😛

And here’s just a quick reminder of how teeny she was just a month ago.



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2 responses to “Happy 1 Month Birthday!

  1. Jo

    Aww I love all the pictures!

    Congrats on sleeping 5+ hours!!

    Yay for cooking a meal! Isn’t it great when you can do something ‘normal’? 🙂

    Aiden will like his new girlfriend in a few more weeks when they can flirt with each other. He loves to make people smile.

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