Sleep Is For The Weak

Madeleine has a onesie that says that, but she clearly doesn’t believe it anymore (thank goodness!!) Yes, that’s right. This darling girl of mine has learned the art of sleeping through the night! WOOHOO!!

Knowing that she is a product of my husband’s and mine, this shouldn’t be all that surprising. Afterall, we both love our naps and sleeping in. In fact, my husband can be asleep on a car ride in .05 seconds of getting on the road. (ha!)

I mentioned in my last post that she’d slept for 5 hours straight on Wednesday night. Then Thursday and Friday night she slept for 8+ hours both nights!! Woke up to eat and went back down for 3-4 hour naps. YAY! Last night she reverted backwards a little bit and was up after just 6 hours and only napped for a couple of hours after getting fed. But I’ll stilll take that as opposed to the schedule of being up every 1-3 hours that she had been on.

We’ve even started a little bedtime routine. 🙂 Starting between 6 and 7pm, she eats off and on until anywhere from 10:45-12:45. I’m trying to slowly get that time frame down to where she’s going to bed earlier, but so far it has just resulted in her waking up every 20-30 minutes after being put down to eat again.

Then we go upstairs and she gets her diaper changed. She gets put in her sleep sack swaddler and then we read a bed time story in her glider. So far she seems to love the Madeline and the Bad Hat book the best. My guess is that it has a lot of words and rhymes, so she must like the cadence that I read it at. Tonight we read “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” 😀 After her bedtime story we continue rocking until her little eyes flutter closed and she falls asleep and I can put her in her bed without waking her up. As long as she’s ready to go to bed and her belly is completely full, she’s great at falling asleep for bed time!




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2 responses to “Sleep Is For The Weak

  1. bri

    woot! good job parents! can’t wait to see the little gal tomorrow!

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