Baby Einstein Play Gym

My aunt Beverly recently got in touch after talking to my mom and finding out about baby Madeleine. She said that she wanted to send her something as a gift, and it arrived two days ago!

Tummy time on the play gym

Alex and I opened it up and it was a play gym. How fun!!! 🙂 So I got busy setting it up and attaching all the little toys for her to explore. She has a great time with it. She especially likes the musical star and the mirror at this age, since she can’t  grab at the other toys yet. However she also really loves to just lay on the mat and look at all the bright colors and fun things.

We have it set up in her room in the middle of the floor so that when I have changed her diaper and need to set her down for a minute while I go to wash my hands, she can do her tummy time while listening to music and/or she can lay on her back and look at all the bright colors and fun shapes. I’m sure it will only get more fun for her as she’s able to interact with it more. But this way she doesn’t scream and cry when I put her down on her tummy and/or back to go wash my hands! I’m sure her little brain is just absorbing all the information. 😀

This is fun!


And when I say fun, I mean REALLY fun!!


See? I'm not even fussy during tummy time.


Look at all the pretty colors!



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3 responses to “Baby Einstein Play Gym

  1. grandma

    I think this is one of the neatest things I have ever seen! Never heard of it before but very colorful and educational too!

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