Johnny Jumper

Ever since we found out we were expecting, Alex talked about getting a johnny jumper for her. It’s the one item he was obsessed with.  So I made sure to buy one for her/him.

Hmmm...What is this thing?

Well, now that she’s managing to hold her head up on her own, we thought we’d break it out. She LOVES when we hold her on our laps and assist her upper body while she pushes off our legs with her lower body. She has strong legs!! She can keep herself standing for quite some time now. We figured she’d do well with it since she loves to kick her legs and push off of us.


What's going on? I'm going sideways!

She’s been in it a few times since then and does pretty well. After a little bit she gets frustrated and wants to be taken out, much like tummy time frustration. Maybe her little legs and neck are tired from holding her up!! 🙂







Woo! I did a 180!!




She learned that with a few kicks of her feet, she could move herself, and started turning herself. 🙂

I’m sure that as she gets a little bigger, she’s going to love it more and more.


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