As I’ve mentioned before, I was pretty anxious to see Madeleine smile for the first time. Granted, she has been smiling involuntarily for a long time, but I mean the first REAL smile. You know, the first time you smile real big at her and she smiles back at you intentionally.

For the past several days I’ve been wondering if she was smiling intentionally or not…wasn’t sure. But I was definitely getting a lot more smiles than I had been. And then, this morning, it happened. She is always a bit more cheerful in the mornings after a long night’s sleep (we’re up to 9 hours with no waking up!!) and has been very smiley in the mornings for the past few days.

So this morning I got up with her, changed her, fed her and then played with her a little bit. You know, cooing at her. Making faces at her. Having her stand while I hold her and praising her. And then, I saw a glimmer of a smile and I smiled really big and almost immediately I got a HUGE grin from her!!! Awww my sweet girl. 😀 That just made my day!

I’m working on getting a picture of her huge grins, but those are kind of tough to get. There are some pretty cute ones in the post right before this one though.


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