Madeleine’s First Thanksgiving

Mommy even bought me a new, festive sweater for the holiday!

Madeleine had a very busy first Thanksgiving. We spent the day and evening down in Olympia visiting with Alex’s side of the family.

First, we stopped by his mom and Tim’s place to say hello before they headed up to Seattle to spend the evening with Tim’s children. Baby M got to spend some time being held by both Tim and Karli, although she was a bit of a fuss monster for some reason and was awake and eating and fussy nearly the entire 2-1/2 hours we were visiting.

Then we were off to Steve and Joan’s. Again, we continued with the awake baby and  she fed off and on nearly the entire time we were there and was fussing quite a bit as well.  I’m not sure why she wouldn’t sleep yesterday. If it was just too much stimulation and she couldn’t handle it? But she’s normally such a great sleeper. In fact, she has slept nearly all day today to make up for it. LOL!

Joan and Steve put together a fantastic dinner – which was just as delicious cold as it was hot, I’m sure, thanks to Madeleine’s lack of desire to do anything but eat. Hey, she knows what the spirit of Thanksgiving is! EAT EAT EAT!!!

And now, here are some photos!!

Oooooooh Hi!

Taking a break from checking ourselves out in the mirror

It's my gramma!

Our little family 🙂

Hi Auntie Lyssa!

My uncle Trevor made me smile

With my daddy, after the Turkey. I woke up again 5 minutes later. 😛

They just can't get enough of me. I'm soooo cute.

Hi grandma Joan!

I even got some tummy time 😀

Play time!




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3 responses to “Madeleine’s First Thanksgiving

  1. grandma

    Her sweater is priceless and once again real clothes! Just like a big girl!.

    The last one with Steve is priceless, and a close second is the one on the couch with Alex. But are these from the cell phone? Because there are a lot of red eyes… I am getting very selective for my collection of Maddy moments! xo xo

    • thetomlinfamily

      These were taken with our point and shoot digital camera, not my nice one. I’m not sure why it caused so much red-eye, but if there are pictures you love, I can always edit out the red eye.

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