Frustrated mommy

I do not know what is going on, but I am one frustratd mommy.

Here I was, so proud and over the moon that I’d been so successful at re-training Madeleine to go to bed in her own room, in her own bed. She’d been sleeping anywhere from 6-10 hours a night. WOOHOO! And then on some days, she’d wake up to eat and get her diaper changed and she’d go right back to sleep. Fantastic! I was a happy mommy. Ooooh sooooo happy.

It looks like I spoke too soon. I do not know what is different this week but she’s fussy beyond belief in the evenings (she’s relatively happy during the day and takes naps?), has gotten into a schedule where she is hungry literally ALL night from about 5-6 pm on, and then won’t stay asleep at night after being up all evening. What is going on?

We think she may have a touch of a cold. Alex and I have both been feeling not so fantastic and she’s been coughing a little bit. **Don’t worry! I’ve been taking her temperature and watching her like a hawk to make sure it’s not the type of sickness that requires a doctor’s visit** But we don’t know for sure.

I also think that we managed to greatly disrupt her fragile and new schedule on our trip to Olympia for Thanksgiving. Afterall, she’d only been sleeping through the night for a week when we threw her little schedule into chaos.

But whatever it is, I am so tired and sad that it’s so disrupted. And I’m incredibly frustrated that I can’t do anything in the evenings because she wants to eat for hours on end with only brief 5-20 minute breaks. If I hand her off to Alex, she screams. **sigh** This makes being a good housekeeper and wife rather difficult.

My schedule has been to take a shower as soon as I get up, usually around 7:30-8am and she’s still sleeping. Get as much done as I can while she is still asleep and then feed and change her. She will typically go down for another nap around 10-11 which is when I run errands (lately) or try to do some housework if I’m not exhausted from the night before. If I am, I will go to sleep too. Then baby M is back up anywhere from 12-2pm and she eats and naps off until 5ish when the hellish exhausting feedings begin. And of course, because I am staying home right now, about 6pm is usually when Alex asks me what I have planned for dinner. How the heck am I supposed to cook when she won’t let me stop feeding her? 😦

So I go all night and try to make dinner, Alex is pretty patient, but we’ve had some late meals in the last week and a half. Like, anywhere from9:30-10:45. How embarassing. Either that or he gives up and goes and gets us something from a quickie place like Subway, etc.

I just finally got the baby girl to bed (it was about 1:20 am when she finally went down) MUCH past her 10pm bedtime that I’ve been trying to scoot earlier in the evening.

HELP!!! I’m willing to hear any and all suggestions.



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3 responses to “Frustrated mommy

  1. Jo

    Sling! Put her in a sling! While she might be attached to you – you’ll have your hands.

    I’ve heard it’s relatively normal for babes to go through a bad sleeping phase around 2 months. Growing pains to some extent is my guess – so I’d recommend some baby massage. We rub Aiden’s legs, I found that he nurse endlessly in the same manner and it was more for comfort than actual hunger… so my recommendation is a sling and baby massage 🙂

    I’m sorry for the sleeplessness. Good luck!

  2. grandma

    I would say she has turned night into day, and no one can be doing real, meaningful eating for that long at night, so she has also wrapped you around her little finger. So she has her schedule, get held most of the evening into late night. I would try for that if I thought I could get it!

    Time to put her on a feeding schedule, let her do a little crying, and limit the rewarding snuggles when she fusses in the middle of the night. Just real eating, change diaper and back to the crib, even if she cries. Unless of course she is sick. Mean grandma?

  3. Clarissa

    I’m no expert but I remember Ryan’s fussy period starting when he was around 6 weeks old. I remember not being able to do anything but take care of him. Just try to stick to cooking easy meals, I think for awhile we ate nothing but take out or easy to prepare meals from Trader Joe’s. As with everything, this phase will pass and she will get back into a routine.

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