First Family Portraits

What'choo looking at?

Last Wednesday we took Madeleine to JC Penney’s portrait studio for her/our first family portraits.

I’m including some of my favorites throughout this post for your viewing pleasure. 🙂

Originally I had this grand idea that we would get portraits in our Halloween costumes as well, but we all thought that was way too much fuss once push came to shove, so we will be saving the costumes for next year and will do Halloween portraits then.

Adorable, right?

It’s a good thing we decided against it. She was definitely done with photos for the last bit of the photo shoot.  But it wasn’t before she managed to get some cute ones of her just in her little diaper! hehe!

Now, here are some additional photos. The rest can be found by clicking here.



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3 responses to “First Family Portraits

  1. magellanarchitects

    such a photogenic family! super cute!!

  2. grandma

    She is just as photogenic as her parents! Great pictures.

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