Baby’s first bottle

Medela Pump In Style Breast Pump

I finally made it out to BabiesRUs the other day to buy the breast pump I’ve been wanting. I wanted to open it up and get working on pumping to give myself a break because I’ve been very sore lately. It turns out it was a latch issue, and since correcting it I have been MUCH better today.  In any case, by the time I got home, Madeleine was in her ‘eat constantly’ phase and I couldn’t really get everything sterilized and pump. So once I had fed her a bit, I got the parts boiling, at least, and then Alex put the pump together for me when they were done and we got started.

Who knew I could love my daddy EVEN more!

Can I just say that pumping is WEIRD. Let me tell ya! I felt like a milk cow. And doing it at the end of the day when she’s already been eating non-stop for a couple of hours is not super productive, either. But I did manage to eek out about 2 oz of milk and Alex gave that to her in a bottle. It was so cute watching him feed her. He was sooo excited that he could feed her.  He said to her “See, Madeleine! I’m not worthless!” She did look a little bit confused at first, though. hehe! And once I got over the initial ‘oh my gosh, this is SO cute!’ reaction, I remembered that I needed to get a photo of her first bottle with daddy. Well, her first bottle ever.

Then, after she went to bed I pumped a little bit more and when I woke up Tuesday morning, pumped a little bit until she got fussy for food. When that happened she had about 2 1/2 ozs until the bottle ran out and at that point I nursed her for the remaining amount.

She does so well with the bottles! The ones I bought are made specifically for breastfeeding mothers/babies, so they have special nipples, as you can see in the image to the right. They simulate what it’s like for the baby to have to wait for let-down, as well as the shape of the harder inner nipple and softer outer portion, much like the breast is.

She has done so well! She’s not a picky eater, either. The doctor had warned us that some babies won’t take a bottle unless it smells like mommy and is given to them by mommy. But she’ll take it from Alex and doesn’t care, so long as she’s getting fed. 🙂 hehe!

We’re going to feed her via bottle at least once a day to make sure she gets used to it and is comfortable with it for when I go back to work.

Uh oh dad! What are we going to do when my bottle runs out?


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