Christmas lights…squeee!!!

One of my absolute favorite things during the Christmas season is the lights. Just ask my parents. I love, love, love, loved them growing up! I would race home from school so I could be the one to turn the lights on in the afternoon. When we were hanging them,  I’d arrange all the colored bulbs to make sure they were in a repeating pattern and that no color was right next to another bulb the same color. These were the old-school ones with the large bulbs where you replace each individual bulb. Remember the days?

Since we can’t really do a tree right now, because the cats will climb it and knock it over, this is pretty much the only decorating I am doing for Christmas. I may break out a few interior decorations like the door knob covers and the nativity scene. But nothing inside your home says ‘Christmas’ like the tree. Sad, I know. Even when it was just me in my own little apartment when I was 19, I went and bought a small pre-lit Christmas tree and decorated it. 🙂

I saw neighbor’s lights going up right after Thanksgiving. Our HOA even put up the community lights before that! And there’s an apartment complex for active seniors that put them up WEEKS ago. I started getting giddy with house lighting excitement. So, after 2 trips to home depot I had finally successfully purchased:

  • 2  boxes of white indoor/outdoor lights
  • 1 landscape extension cord (dark green so it blends instead of that hideous bright orange) This was on the 2nd trip after trying to string the lights and hating how tacky the bright orange extension cord looked.
  • Gutter hook things – again, these were on the 2nd trip. I hadn’t thought about how I was going to attach the lights to the gutter.
  • 1 box of little twiggy light up things…you’ll see.
  • One door hook
  • One wreath for the door
  • One festive entry mat

And still, I need to go to Home Depot yet again. The lights did not go as far as I thought they would, and therefore my light display seems a bit wimpy. I plan on buying another extension cord for the twig things, since they have a different prong type than the light strands (who knew?) and a few more sets of lights for the shrubbery in our front yard.

Perhaps one of these years we’ll be ambitious enough to get up on the roof to do the upper story, but for now, I am content with just doing the entry roofline. Now, before judging, keep in mind: I am not done yet. And, I have decided to use an individual hook for each of the little lights on the gutter. Right now it looks sloppy to me since the all somehow manage to go different directions. This was harder to see in daylight when I was hanging them. 

I managed to get Madeleine down for an afternoon nap today and immediately went out to do lights! Yes, I did our lights myself. Alex is a little bit of a Christmas grinch and isn’t much for decorating, but tolerates that I love it so much. I’ve been trying to do it all week, but with the extension cord issues, etc. and Madeleine’s nap times not coordinating with my timing to hang them, today was the first chance I got.

From the sidewalk! See Alex and Madeleine upstairs in the window?

Our little bushes. You can also see the twiggy LED things that can't light up yet until I get the extension cord.

Our wreath!

Just looking out our front window and seeing the lights makes me so happy! Really now…it’s the simple things in life. 🙂


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  1. cute!!! FYI, we have an extra 4′ fake tree if you wanted to borrow it. Its short enough that i don’t think the cats could do much damage. I’ll toss it in the car for tomorrow just in case.

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