Baby Grins

For several weeks now, Madeleine has shown us her adorable little grins when we smile at her. I just love them. 🙂 Her smiles were adorable when she was very first born, but they mean so much more now that she knows that she’s doing it. I have been trying so darn hard to capture them on film, and finally yesterday I was able to. Alex was holding her, she was in a very cheerful mood after a good nap and a full belly and I got some good shots of baby grins and many more silly baby faces. YAY!!

So, for another “The Many Faces of Madeleine Series”…here you go. Enjoy!

Oh no, not that darn black thing again!

I was right! It IS the black thing again with the bright flashy-ness.

Here's what I think of that. 😛

Eeee!! Daddy smiled at me!

Aww man, she's still taking pictures.

*yawn* Being the star of the show is such hard work

But I can still muster up a great big smile

And another!

Ok, I'm tired for real this time. Enough!

And when little girl speaks, we listen. 😀



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2 responses to “Baby Grins

  1. grandma

    Maddy is just darling, and obviously adores her dad! Look how she loves to stare up at him and laugh!

    Strong family resemblence between Alex and Erik- good that they could spend time together.

    Talk to the builder re the heat downstairs- new construction with good insulation and it isn’t warm… something wrong there.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures- teach Alex how to use the black thing so we can see if Maddy likes to smile at you too!!! xo xo j

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