Baby M — Meet Uncle Erik

Hi uncle!!

Alex’s brother, my brother-in-law, Erik has arrived back in WA after way too long in New York at Nuke School for the Navy. He’s heading to Norfolk, VA next for his duty station (much to our dismay!) but not before getting some much needed and well deserved time home with his girlfriend and family. 😀 Psssttt: He graduated first in his class!!! Good job, Erik!

This is the first time that Madeleine got to meet her uncle Erik, and boy oh boy was she in a chipper mood for him. They had a great time smiling at each other. She even showed him how well she can stand and push off with her feet!

I think I’ve officially discovered that Madeleine just loves to socialize with new people. Every time we’re with new people, she refuses to sleep. At all. No matter how tired she is. This happened over Thanksgiving, which I found bizarre, because up to that point she would sleep regardless of where we were or who was there. But over turkey day she just wouldn’t sleep AT ALL!

Look at me! I can stand! ...well, with some assistance, of course...

So when Erik was at our house visiting on Thursday, he showed up right in the middle of her morning feast and provided her some good play time just before her mid-morning nap time. We trekked upstairs to change her diaper and get her back in her swaddler for some rocking to sleep and she was bright eyed as can be. I was thinking “What on earth is going on!? She’s obviously exhausted. Why won’t she shut her eyes to sleep?” and Erik said he’d leave us alone, maybe it was him being there in the room. Huh. Maybe. So he left and went to hang out with Odin – who loved all the attention, by the way – and no less than 30 seconds after Erik walked out of the room, Madeleine’s little eyes fluttered closed. Amazing, I tell you! The little girl doesn’t want to miss out on a second of social time. Hehe!

With the baby girl down for a nap, Erik was happy to play babysitter while I went and took a shower. YAY! No having to race through my morning routine for fear of Madeleine waking up right in the middle of it. Luckily, she didn’t wake up while I was getting ready, anyway, but it was nice to have the reassurance that someone would be able to go get her up if she woke up.

When I came downstairs after my shower, look what I found:

Odin found the closest warm body to curl up on. LOL!

It’s been so icey cold here in Western WA, that our baseboard heaters are really not getting the job done heating our downstairs. It’s such a large open space that it just doesn’t work well when the temps are dipping below freezing for days and days on end. Boo! As a result, it’s often 65 degrees or lower downstairs even with the thermostat turned up all the way. Odin gets very cuddly when it’s chilly, and he found a willing cuddler! 😛

Come on mom! Enough pictures already. I want food!!

Once I was done getting ready, it was time to wake up the baby girl for a diaper change and another feeding before leaving to have lunch with Bri and Erik. 🙂 She wanted to show off her adorable little festive Christmas outfit that B and D purchased for her, so I dressed her in that for the day. So cute, right? Notice the antlers on the hat. hehe! She wore the hat out today, as well. I just can’t get enough of it.

When we got back from lunch (B had to go back to work… 😦 ) I ran to the store to grab a few things and Erik and Alex had some good time to chit chat. Madeleine really does seem to enjoy her uncle, though. He came back downstairs where we were when he was about to head out for the day and this adorable series of pictures ensued.

Yes, yes. Everyone look at meee!!

Ok, now everyone look at mommy!

Ok, now play with my fingers and let me hold yours!

Oh yes, this is great fun!

Madeleine says: “Thank you everyone, for playing with me! 😀 I had a really exciting day!”



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