Happy 2 Month Birthday!!

2 month photo!
Madeleine is now past her 2 month birthday. Her birthday photo is to the right. You can see the 1 month photo here. My word she has grown a TON in the last month.
Can you believe it? A part of me is a bit shocked that it’s been 2 months already. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I was huge and pregnant and miserable. And then again, a part of me feels like it’s been much longer than 2 months. I feel as though I’m really settling in to my new role as mommy and am so much more confident in understanding what she wants when she wants it. Take today for example. She was super fussy and I just had this feeling it’s because she was backed up and gassy. Then this afternoon and evening she had 3 major messes in her diaper and was a much happier little girl when it was all done. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my moments where I am at a total loss, but they are usually thanks to sleep deprivation.

It has been so much fun watching her grow this last month. I can really see her personality starting to develop and she is so much more interactive. We love to coo at each other and smile, giggle, show each other our surprised faces and ‘talk’ to each other. 🙂

We have not had her two month doctor’s visit yet, as her pediatrician didn’t have any appointments available until the 29th. I’ll update with new stats then.

So, what has happened in this 2nd month?

  • Madeleine had her very first Thanksgiving!
  • She went through the 6 week fussy period as described in most books about infants. This is the time where fussing peaks.
  • Madeleine sleeps through the night now with regularity. Typically between 7 and 9 hours, which is fantastic! She then often falls back asleep for a nap again mid-morning for several hours.  Last night she even slept for 12, after not falling asleep for a nap any longer than 20 minutes all day.
  • She has learned to smile with increasing regularity. Nowadays we get baby grins quite often!!
  • Madeleine seems to be a morning person. When we go in to get her in the mornings, she smiles really big for us and we have a few minutes of smiles and giggles before she gets hungry for breakfast.
  • She has started interacting with her first toys. The Baby Einstein Play Gym and Johnny Jumper are her two favorites! At first with the play gym, she would just lay there happily. However, now she is able to focus on the different toys and is even trying to reach out and grab them! She’s not always successful in her grabbing attempts, but it’s adorable watching her try.
  • We also had our first family portraits taken when she was one month old. I love how they turned out!
  • I purchased my pump so I could start storing milk for her so someone other than me can feed her. YAY! Her daddy got to feed her with a bottle for the first time and we discovered that Madeleine really doesn’t care who is feeding her, just that she’s getting fed. 😛
  • Madeleine went to her first holiday party for my office. She even got a new dress for the occasion.
  • She met her uncle Erik for the first time! They had great fun together.
  • She has officially learned to laugh and squeal with delight, which is the cutest thing on the planet.
  • Madeleine still loves to stand and loves it so much that she will get upset if you have her sitting when she’s wide awake. She wants to be held up.
  • Now that all the Christmas lights are up outside and she can focus on them for periods of time, she loves looking out the window at them. She also loves looking at the dots on her wall, her name on the wall and her balloon.
  • We still read stories to her at night before bed.
  • Madeleine has been a great shopping companion during these holidays. I have discovered my favorite dressing rooms at the mall for nursing her if she gets hungry mid-shopping trip. She’s happy about that!!

And now, for pictures!!

Oooooh sooooo sleepy!

Yay for tummy time!

Seriously, mom!?!? This is hard!

I love when daddy sits me up like a big person in my chair!

Daddy and me!

Heya daddy!

Hi mommy! I'm getting better at sitting up with some assistance!

Do you like my little sweat suit outfit?? 🙂

A preview of her 'Christmas' photos that I tried to take today

Baby blue eyes. Soo pretty.


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