Tummy Time!

Over the last month and a half we have been giving Madeleine her ‘daily workouts’. What are these, you ask?

Well, they’re her tummy time adventures! Some days she gets really fed up after just a minute or two, and then other days she will tolerate it for quite some time. And then there are days like today where I’ll have her on her tummy and when it looks like she’s trying to roll over, I let her try for a few seconds and then assist her. Then she gets rolled back onto her tummy to try again. 🙂

When she first started, tummy time went like this:

Trying to suck on her fingers...

Kicking furiously while crying.

Thinking this game was funny.

Then I started to show my parents how great I could be at reliably lifting my head up.

Of course, she has always kicked her little feet around and even tried lifting her leg a couple of times, but tonight she really was about 1/2 way there! This was tonight’s tummy time.


I finally got some traction and pushed my butt up in the air!

Look at my leg! It's almost all the way underneath me trying to crawl. YAY!

I'm trying to flip over yet again.

Urgghh..why won't this flipping work!?!?

She’s making progress!!


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