Madeleine – Meet Santa!

At my baby group a couple of weeks ago, one of the moms mentioned that there was supposed to be a really good Santa in Kirkland at Park Place mall – for those of you familiar with the area. I was excited to hear this, because Alex had mentioned on numerous occasions how ridiculous the price was for the Santa at the mall near our house. $55 for a picture with Santa. Yes, you read that right. Fifty Five. And that was last year – rates have probably gone up this year. He had heard that the Santa at Bellevue Square was a whopping $80. Highway robbery!!

This Santa was fantastic! He was authentic looking and friendly. The photographer worked really hard to get this precious little smirk out of my baby girl, and a professional quality photo was ready in less than an hour for only $23. 😀 I’ve decided that we need to get into the Santa photo business. While I was there (less than an hour) they had 6 families come in. And this was on a slow day!! But I digress…

Madeleine did great. I dressed her in her little reindeer hat and outfit again, because I thought it was all too fitting with the Santa theme. She wasn’t in the cheeriest mood when she woke up mid-nap in a strange place, but the photo I chose was the best of the bunch as far as her facial expression being sorta a smirk. Haha! She didn’t cry and wasn’t scared of Santa, so that was a plus. 🙂

Please excuse the photo quality. This is a photo of a photo, since I don’t have a scanner.

Santa baby!

I showed Alex the photo when he woke up thinking he’d be semi-annoyed by it since he doesn’t want to teach Madeleine that Santa is real. He thinks lying about it is mean and not a cool thing to do. But, it made him smile pretty big when he saw the photo. 😀



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5 responses to “Madeleine – Meet Santa!

  1. Jo

    We’re not doing Santa in this house either – for very similar reasons – also the husband’s not mine. Siigh.

    That picture is SOOOO adorable!

    • thetomlinfamily

      Oh that’s funny!! I haven’t heard of anyone else who felt that way, so it’s good to know that we’re not totally weird. LOL!

      And at least this way we don’t have to worry about Madeleine or Aiden ruining the secret about Santa for each other. 😛 I told Alex that we would not be popular parents in Kindergarten when Madeleine ruined it for other kids and he said “I don’t care! They shouldn’t be lying to their kids, either.” LOL!

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