Merry Christmas!

My Merry Christmas post is coming a bit early, because I’m sure I won’t be able to update between now and Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Madeleine wanted to be included, so here she is in her Christmas dress.

The stockings are stuffed and waiting downstairs on the table (see later in this post). The presents are all wrapped, except for the one that UPS is still holding hostage. Thanks a lot, UPS.  The Christmas lights are twinkling outside. Why I’m awake, I am not completely sure. LOL!! It’s probably the excitement for our first Christmas with the baby girl, who is sound asleep. Smart girl!

I did a little bit of holiday decorating inside this year as well. But first, my additions to our outdoor display must be shared. 🙂

Alex started to think I was going a bit overboard, so I stopped. LOL The LED net lights on the bushes out front twinkle. 😀 I wish all the lights were the same color “white”, but that’s the perfectionist in me. I didn’t realize the LED’s would be so different in color.

Now, inside.

Our banister. You can see our little nutcracker in the lower right corner.

 Growing up, my parents always displayed the Christmas Cards they received from family and friends on the door leading to the garage. So, I have done the same. 😀

Christmas Card Display

It made my mom sad to think about us not having a tree, so she ordered this gift basket from the florist for us to have in our home. 🙂 Cute, right? This isn’t even all the presents..there’s more there now.

Table 'o presents




Showing the window fluff

Our Nativity Scene! I wish we had a mantle. Kind of a silly reason to wish for a mantle, but oh well.



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3 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  1. a – maddy is darling in that dress! I love!
    b- bri has a fake tree in our upstairs that never got pulled out this year!!!! we should have talked sooner!
    c-i KNOW about the LED thing. We realized on our house when we stepped back that first night!!! I was like whoa!!!!
    d- lets hang post holi-day!

    • thetomlinfamily

      a – she says “thank you!” 🙂
      b – thanks for the offer! She actually mentioned it, but we decided against a tree this year. Odin is just too much of a handful with a tree and an infant that we decided against it all together.
      c – I’m glad I’m not the only one who made that mistake. LOL! Hopefully they didn’t look too funky.
      d – yes, we need to! When do you get back into town?

  2. grandma

    We loved the photos! Maddy’s Christmas dress is just priceless! The house looks very festive and we love knowing you decorated and seemed to enjoy it. My bet is over time Alex will start to look forward to it too; especially when Maddy is old enough to show her appreciation- and want to do it with him.

    Dad was very impressed with the Santa photo- just an excellent picture! We love you…and thank the considerate people who hold open the doors for you and other mothers / dads too! Merry Christmas, baby! j

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