Warning: Poop pictures to follow

Madeleine has taken to not having a bowel movement for 2 days and then she just explodes.  Of course, this always happens in the evenings, and always after Alex has gone to work already. LOL!! Somehow he misses all the gnarly diapers. How is that fair??

I think it’s Baby M’s way of telling me that she loves getting a bath and wants to remind me not to forget that she gets to soak in her warm water for a little bit. (of course, this is not actually true, but it’s how it seems) Silly girl.  I always wait to give her her bath until she poops because it’s almost every 48 hours, predictably, these days. And she almost always  needs a bath afterwards. You’ll see. Tonight’s was not anywhere near as bad as it’s been before, but it’s the first one I had my phone and thought to take pictures of the progress. LOL! This poor child is going to kill me when she’s a teenager.

So tonight I was hanging out with her on the couch. She’d just eaten and started making grunting noises. This isn’t unusual, as she seems to have a bit of gas much of the time.  But then I heard the distinct pooping noise. This is a hard noise to describe and can often be confused with gas, except it sounds a bit more liquidy, if that makes sense. And it just kept happening. And happening. And happening. Ooooooh boy.

I was very excited because when I stood her up and turned her around to do the ‘explosion inspection’ I didn’t see anything. Wo0t!! Maybe it wouldn’t be a huge mess this time. So I carried her upstairs, laid her down on her changing table – which is outfitted with a cloth diaper to lay her bum on for occasions such as this.  That way I’m not having to wash the changing pad cover every 2 days. There’s also a little cloth diaper insert that I use to catch her drool since she’s such a drooler now. Anyway, I started unsnapping her snaps without paying too much attention to her sleeper because she’d passed the explosion inspection, and this is what I saw:

Uh Oh!!!

I guess it was a sneak explosion!

How on earth do I get this off without getting poop on her face? Answer: Very carefully.

Oh good grief, that's a lot of poop!!

Into the bath I go!! Wheeeee!

Yup, bath time is nice and cozy warm

Then when I'm all clean, mom wraps me up in my towel, puts a diaper on me real quick and we cuddle in the glider.

YAY! I'm getting dressed, and mom's singing a funny song to stop my fussing. 😀

And I'm all dressed and wiggly. Let's go play, mommy!

Oh that funny girl, she cracks me up.



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5 responses to “Warning: Poop pictures to follow

  1. Jo

    Every 48 hours?! That is sooooooooo not fair! I had poopy diapers every day AT LEAST four or five times a day until he really started to eat solid food. Siiigh…

    While I feel for you on that blow out – I offer you a word of warning – that’s nothing. Now hopefully she’ll be a dainty girl and not a gross boy and avoid these *massive* explosions – but seriously – Aiden has pooped/exploded all the way up his back to his hairline. He also has exploded ALL over a pillow (I threw it away.) On another explosion that covered his back and out both leg holes I literally took him and set him in the bathroom sink – I couldn’t think where else to put him!!! lol – it was quite a mess.

    Ahh mommyhood – wouldn’t trade it for the world!

    • thetomlinfamily

      Well, it comes with it’s own problems, the every 48 hours thing. EVERY poopy diaper is like this, or worse. And she has pretty bad gas after about a day of not pooping and is pretty darn fussy as a result.

      But yeah, this was one of the more mild ones. She’s had diapers like you described Aiden’s. LOL!!

      And thanks!! 🙂

  2. Jo

    On another note – she’s BEAUTIFUL! I love her eyes!

  3. Jo

    Yes, there’s no *good* poopy diaper. hahaha I just hope you can avoid my friend Vanessa’s plight… (I was certainly thankful to!) she had to be very aware of her daughter’s poopy diapers because she had to change it mid-way through the process because she FILLED the first and the second! She was a formula baby so it was a bit more solid than the breastmilk diapers.

    • thetomlinfamily

      Oh my word!!! Yes, thankfully I’ve avoided that type of poopy trouble thus far *knock on wood*.

      I’ve heard the formula poops are stinky. Which, breastfed diapers are stinky, too, so I’m not sure how they differ, but I’m glad to deal with only the minimal amount of stinkiness.

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