2009 in review

I saw this re-cap on Jo’s Blog. I hope she doesn’t mind me stealing the idea, but I thought it was cute and wanted to remember the highlights of the year.

Best Event: Madeleine’s arrival!!

Best Movie: The Hangover

Best Over-Played Song: I haven’t listened to the radio much…so I don’t have one.

Best Book: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – I am ditto-ing Jo here. LOVED IT!

Best New-ity of 09: Our house and of course, Madeleine.

Most Shocking News of 09: The fact that I was pregnant.

MW’s Word of the Year: admonish
Heather’s Word of the Year:

Events of 2009 in no particular order:
1. 4th Wedding Anniversary
2. Parents moved to Chicago
3. We moved into our first house
4. Alex got a new job, and shortly thereafter a promotion.
5. Mariners game with friends
6. BIL’s graduation from Nuke school – and he was 1st in his class!!
7. Maternity leave
8. Madeleine was born on her due date
9. Parents visited from Chicago
10. The younger BIL lived with us for several months.

2009 was filled with wonderful new surprises with the arrival of baby M, the reality that we were finally buying a house and Alex getting a new job.

However it also brought some sad/worrisome news. My parents had to move to Chicago. The economy is affecting everyone, and at work we busted our butts to try to find new clients and bring in new projects. As a company, it was stressful, but successful! I’ve also had some friends going through some rough times.

But overall, the year was very good to us and we are so thankful. Happy 2010 everyone!


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One response to “2009 in review

  1. Jo

    Steal away 🙂 I am so glad I’ve done this the last 5 years its a lot of fun to look back and see things that have happened. 🙂

    Looks like you had a great year!

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