Goooooo Seahawks!

Today was our trip to Qwest Stadium for the Seahawks game vs the Tennessee Titans. OMGOSH we had so much fun!! Seriously, SO much fun!

Getting ready to leave!!

B, D and Erik showed up for babysitting right on time (more on that in it’s own post) and we finished getting ready so we could head out to the park and ride. We decided to bus over to the stadium. Traffic for games is just absolutely ridiculous and not worth driving.

Bussing was a great idea, but we almost missed the bus! LOL

Happily riding the bus. There were lots of Seahawks fans on the bus!

We had to wave our arms wildly as we started running towards the bus stop because the bus had come barreling down the street and we weren’t going to make it if the driver hadn’t been so awesome and waited for us. It got us there really quick and we had some time for exploring pre-game. We even got someone to take a photo of us with the entire stadium behind us!! Look how huge it is!

We found our seats. We were up in the ‘Hawks Nest’ portion of the stadium, which are some of the least expensive tickets, but the view was fantastic! and the fans in this part of the stadium are crazy – in a good way. Hehehe!

Check out that stadium!

Since it was fan appreciation day, we each got a ticket for a free hot dog and bottle of water, so before the game started and after we’d already found our seats, we scoped out where the closest restrooms were and went to redeem our coupons. As you may or may not know, I don’t eat hot dogs under normal circumstances, but this one was free and I was hungry, so I thought “what the heck! I’ll eat it!” Not to mention, it was warm, I was cold. 😛

Oh hot dog, how glorious your warmth is on my legs

Taking the first bite! It was much yummier than I recall hot dogs being!

First they introduced the Sea Gals, then the Drum Line, then the players were introduced!!!!!!! And then Ken Griffey Jr. raised the 12th man flag!!


Ken Griffey Jr.

Then it was time for game-time action! I refuse to discuss the fact that we lost. Because it was ours to lose. I’m officially pouting. But overall it was a very exciting, back and forth game. At least it wasn’t an all out slaughter like last week’s game.

We backed them up almost to their own end zone! Wo0t!

Mwahahahaha! Too bad it was only one play later that they were at about the 20 yard line.

Look to the right of the play action, and you’ll see Forsett (number 20 for the Hawks) carrying the ball, he broke free for a HUGE play!!! WOOOOO! I was jumping up and down. LOL! In fact, numerous times during the game, I can’t even tell you how many, I jumped out my seat and was jumping up and down cheering or booing and yelling at the refs. haha!

We definitely helped live up to the 12th man reputation. That stadium is freakin’ loud! But it was so fun. We screamed through the entire game, yelling as loud as we could before each play TN’s offense made. We even achieved one false start! And we both have hoarse voices/scratchy throats from yelling so much. Hehehe! A sacrifice I’m willing to make.

One thing I was so excited to do was yell “Housshhhh!!!” When Houshmandzhada (sp?) made a great play, and he made several, so I got to yell it several times. 🙂 And Alex did, too, and then we’d turn to each other and grin. Because we always yell it at the TV when we’re watching at home, but it’s SOOO much more fun in person with the whole crowd behind you.

Let's go Seahawks!!!

The other thing I did that was so fun, was I learned the chant for how to celebrate a Seahawks first down. Ooooh man. Took me until the 4th quarter to figure it out for a couple of reasons. First was that I am so used to the Cougar one that I kept messing it up, and second because we were sucking it up and not making many first downs during the first quarter for me to practice, but that was awesomely fun.

We were very lucky and the rain held off, for the most part, for the entire game, and then proceeded to start raining after we had made it to the bus stop to wait for our ride home. Gooood! Although it was far colder than we’d anticipated, so at half time  we made a pit stop at the pro-shop for some Seahawks gear to help keep us warmer. We both got hoodies.

Ooooh, poor sleep-deprived parents. We'd each only gotten about 4 hours of sleep the night before.

And then it was over. We lost. *pout* But it was still an uber fun experience. We also both fell asleep on the bus ride home, but I woke up before Alex and snuck this photo. hehehe

We made it back to the car and drove into Bellevue to have a nice dinner at McCormick and  Schmick’s since we had gift cards that still needed to be used. We did a quick outfit change in the parking garage first. 🙂 Good stuff! I think the food was a bit rich for me because my stomach was SO upset and hurting for a while afterwards. Now it just feels unsettled, but I no longer feel like I’m going to be sick, thank goodness. I was worried about food poisoning.

So a HUGE thank you goes out to both my hubby for planning this entire excursion as my Christmas present and also to B, D and Erik for offering to babysit for us.  I had all  the trust in them that they would take good care of baby M, but not so much trust that baby M would be nice to them.  She loved them, though, and seemed quite content when we arrived back home. And daddy and mommy got some much needed couple time.


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