My first separation from baby

For Christmas Alex surprised me with my present this year. For those of you that know how we do presents, it’s usually a “what do you want?” and then an “ok, that’s what you’ll get” type of a situation. I pretty much always know what I’m getting for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc.

This year we surprised each other completely!  Neither of us knew what the other person got for them. My surprise, I knew beforehand, was a trip somewhere. I knew that it ‘required me to store milk for 6+ hours’ and that it ‘required an outfit change’. What? An outfit change? Hmmm. I also knew that he’d enlisted the help of B and D along with B’s boyfriend – my brother in law (yes, they’re dating, cute – right?) to babysit…but they weren’t telling me anything about what was going on.

So on Christmas Eve morning, when Alex and I exchanged our gifts to each other I found out what it was.

First thing: A Seahawks beanie

Second thing: A Seahawks jersey with Lofa Tatupu’s number/name (he’s one of my favorite players for the Seahawks! Sucks that he’s out injured right now).  Also there was a jersey in there for Alex with Patrick Kearny’s number/name.

Third thing: Tickets to the last regular season game, and sadly this year, last game of the season – period.

Seahawks tickets!!!! YAY!!!!!! 🙂 I haven’t been to a game in the new stadium, and haven’t been to a game since high school when we performed at the King Dome with the Sea Gals. Soooo excited!

See, Alex and I watch the Seahawks game every single week. I DVR it while he’s sleeping since he works the weekends and then we both try our hardest to avoid finding out the final score and then we watch it on Tuesdays together after he gets home from work Tuesday morning. 😀 So fun. Lately I’ve taken to making nachos and Alex has a couple beers. If I have some milk pumped for Madeleine, I have a glass of wine or a Coronita. 🙂

So anyway, tomorrow she will be hanging out with the lovely B and D and Erik. Now, keep in mind that I trust all three with her completely and my anxiety has nothing to do with them. But I am very nervous about leaving her.

I think this is normal for a first time mommy.  Not to mention she has been very particular about her sleep lately (ie: wasn’t sleeping for a while there) and gets pretty overwhelmed when there’s lots of people wanting to play with her, so I just hope it’s not too much for her.

D was joking with me today asking how many pages of instructions I’d written out for them.  She laughed as if this were a silly idea, but…ummm…I’d already been brainstorming what I needed to write out. I hadn’t actually done it yet, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to. I mean, after all, they need emergency numbers, her pediatrician’s number, our address in case of needing to call 911, etc etc etc. *blush* And then there’s things she’s rather particular about, so I wrote out instructions and tips for where to find the bottles and where her diapers are kept to how she best likes to fall asleep for nap time and what types of play she enjoys.  All essential baby care need-to-knows!

So, we’ll be going to a Seahawks game tomorrow all decked out in matching outfits and to a nice dinner afterwards and I WILL enjoy myself and not stress about the baby. 🙂 Perhaps B and D can send me cutie little picture texts every so often so I don’t go through withdrawl. I mean, I’m the mom who comes out to my blog site to look at pictures of her when she’s been asleep for a couple of hours because I miss her.


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  1. Jo

    Aw good for you! I remember the first time I left Aiden alone and that was with the hubby. I was nervous for him more than I was for Aiden. haha it was Black Friday so Aiden was about the same age as M. hehe

    The first time both Shon and I left him alone wasn’t until he was 9 (or 10?) months old with Grandma and Pop Pop – we were certainly ready before then but he was a stubborn boy that wouldn’t eat solids very readily nor would take a bottle. And when we did leave him we too left a nice list 😉 AND got pic-texts!

    I hope your day out was awesome!!!

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