Madeleine’s first babysitting adventure

So as I mentioned in this post, Erik and our friends, B and D, came over to watch baby M for us while we went out to the Seahawks game! They did a great job taking care of her, which we knew they would. She was very happy when we got home and slept and ate very well while we were out. I have a feeling she’s going to be quite the independent girl!!  In fact, when I got home, she seemed to care less. LOL!!! She couldn’t take her eyes off of Erik.

But they were kind enough to send me text and picture message updates throughout the day, which helped me not worry. I was actually rather surprised at how little I worried.

So here was her day, according to picture messages…

First meal! She took the bottle well!

All done! Yummers!

She fell asleep in the bouncy chair. She has never done this for me!

They watched the game on TV! She's going to be a football fan, for sure!

Mmmm, time for more food!

Let's play! But if you take my picture, I cannot take my eyes off the camera. LOL!

And another meal! I'm a hungry, growing girl.

Thanks for taking such great care of her!! She had a great time and seemed totally un-phased by the fact that her parents were nowhere in sight.



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3 responses to “Madeleine’s first babysitting adventure

  1. Jo

    That’s wonderful!!! Great pictures too 🙂

  2. grandma

    i think this bodes well for parents going on another date, leaving baby with grandma!!!! 🙂

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