Madeleine’s 2 Month Check-up

Oooooh...look at my mobile!

Yo mom! Wassup!

Ooooh boy. We’ve been having a really rough time of it over here.

Madeleine has somehow gotten her sleep schedule all out of whack and things were just getting progressively worse and worse.  So I was incredibly happy that she had a check-up just around the corner.  Especially happy since she wouldn’t sleep AT ALL the night before her check-up, which is not like her at all. It’s rare that she doesn’t sleep through the night these days. I probably looked like I’d been run over by a mack-truck when I took her in. *blush*

This post is coming a bit late, as her appointment was on the 30th. Sorry about that, with all the sleep trouble, I haven’t gotten a chance to get on the computer and hook my camera up.

First of all, stats. She is now a whopping 10 lbs 10 ozs. in weight, which is still at the 50th percentile. She is also 22 1/2 inches long, supposedly only 1/4 inch longer than she was before. But the doctor said that’s the most unreliable number because it’s hard to measure a baby’s length at this age when they can’t stand. However, her ‘length’ is at the 50th percentile now as well! He said her head circumference is also at 50%. 🙂  He told me that she’s just perfect.

He was very proud of us  for giving her so much tummy time. He said her upper body strength and neck strength is fantastic for this age. YAY!! We kind of already knew that, but it’s nice to hear it confirmed.

We discussed the cats (them being indoor only is good!!), guns in the house (yes, doc, we’re getting a combination safe) and being around smoke (no, blech!). He was happy with all that.

And then the sleeping. He gave me a super informative article about sleep habits in babies and I read it, made Alex read it, too. I’m trying to follow it and it along with the book “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child”.  I described to him the only ways I can get her to nap for more than half an hour to an hour and he said she is incredibly over-tired and that with babies the cycle just gets worse and worse for them.  It’s not like adults where the more tired you are, the better you sleep. Instead they just have a harder and harder time sleeping. So, once she gets past these immunizations they gave her at her check-up, he said to start sleep training at nap time.

What is sleep training? Teaching her to soothe herself back to sleep. Which yes, means letting her cry herself back to sleep, but only at nap time. 😦 This is by far the hardest thing I’ve had to do. In fact, I was hoping that by monitoring her sleep intervals that I’d be able to get her back on track, but it’s not working.  I was hoping to hold out until she was 3 months old, but we’re only a week shy of that and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. If it didn’t work and she just kept screaming every time I put her down, I planned on waiting.

But…it’s working! Last night she managed to put herself to sleep again after 15 minutes of crying. This afternoon she went to bed and was up within 5 min. crying. I let her cry, but went in after a while because she’d slow down and stop and then start up again several minutes later, so I figured something was wrong. And it was! She’d had a BM and the whole room stunk. So I changed her, put her back down and she’s been sleeping for 45 min. now! YAY!

Other than that, she’s doing fantastically! Eating like a champ, still. Happy and smiley when she gets up from sleeping, which quickly deteriorates thanks to her sleep deprivation.  but it’s nice to know that she *would* be a happy baby if she were getting enough sleep.

I’m done with reading “The Happiest Baby on the Block” By Harvy Karp. It’s very repetitive…annoyingly so…but it has very good soothing techniques that I have implemented and seem to work quite well. Now it’s on to “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.” Maybe that book will give me more ideas to help get her sleep schedule back on track.

Long enough update? I think so!

Here are some pictures 🙂

Aaaahhhh CHOO!!

Lick! Yes, I lick my shirt. Gotta problem with that?



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