Rolling rolling rolling…

So what happened the other day, you ask?

Well, I put Madeleine down in her crib after rocking her to sleep and put her closer to one side of the crib than the other. She’s been throwing her legs up and then flopping them over so she’s sorta on her side, sorta still on her back. And in doing this wiggly motion, she manages to get herself up against the rails of her crib and wakes herself up.

So, I put her down like that for nap time and she woke up 5 minutes later. This is when the doctor said to just let her cry herself back to sleep, but the way she was crying I was sure something had to be wrong. So I peeked into her room and saw this:

What on earth!?!?

She rolled over? When I wasn’t even there to see it?!!

She doesn’t love being on her tummy…

Can you tell how mad she is? 😦 Poor baby. So I rolled her back over and calmed her down and she went right to bed. Silly girl!!

And yes, I ran and grabbed the camera for documentation purposes, so Alex would believe me. 🙂

I have not been successful in getting her to reproduce this feat, and part of me wonders if it had anything to do with her arms being bound by the swaddler, but regardless…she did it! It’s only a matter of time before she’s moving on her own.



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