Our first Christmas with Madeleine

We had a very nice Christmas this year. It started on Christmas Eve morning where we opened presents as a little family. Just me, Alex and Madeleine.

Alex’s Stocking:

What?? You filled my stocking?



Baby M admiring her stocking

"Ooooh! What was in my stocking?"

Check it out! Holding onto her new toy.

Ooooh, and I can chew on it, too!

Eagerly awaiting daddy opening the present I got him. (ok, really mommy did…but it’s sorta from me, too! I helped pick it out. Ok ok. I just sat patiently in my car seat while mom picked it out…)

Daddy's reading to me! 🙂

So once presents were done at our house, we headed down to Olympia to have Christmas Eve dinner at Alex’s dad and Joan’s.

Family Photo!

I didn’t have my camera out for all the present opening. There was too much going on with baby and paper flying everywhere. 😛

But Christmas morning, Madeleine woke up, well, really, she was awake the whole night, but she got up in her little Christmas sleeper and played with Grandpa!

Checkin' out the tree

Hangin' out with the Tomlin men under the Christmas tree!

Talking to mommy's parents via webcam 🙂

I don’t have any pictures from Grandma Karli’s house for some strange reason. ? I don’t know what happened. Christmas day is a bit of a blur though, because Madeleine didn’t sleep at all the night before, so mommy was a bit of a zombie.


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