Guess who’s here visiting??

Grandma Jill!!!!

We’ve been having a great time gabbing and catching up, even though we talk on the phone all the time anyway.

Madeleine has been having a nice time with her, too. She has gotten to help so far with several diaper changes, outfit changes, a bath, feeding her a bottle, watching her while I got my hair done, strolling her through the mall. 🙂

And the best news of all? Madeleine’s sleep schedule is finally turning around. This crying herself to sleep business, while painful for the both of us, has suddenly taken a turn for the better and she has been napping like a pro today, gone to bed with very little crying and zero crying tonight even though I laid her down awake.

I. Am. Ecstatic. I guess we just needed grandma to come visit and then the baby girl decided to get her sleep on track.  Ok ok, I’ll take some credit for her sleep getting back on track since I listened to the doctor’s orders.  She’s like a different baby! So much happier and way less fussy. This is the baby girl I know. 😀


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