Happy 3 Month Birthday!

3 Months Old

Madeleine has now reached the 3 month mark. I have no idea where the last month went. It seems like I *just* drafted that 2 month birthday post. You can see her new picture to the right. Her previous photos are here

I don’t have current stats on her, since she doesn’t go back to the doctor until 4 months, unfortunately.

So, what has happened this month?

  • Madeleine had her 2 month check-up where the doctor told me that she was fussy all the time because she was over-tired. We tried timing her sleep. We tried white noise. I tried just holding her and rocking her for a long time to get her some sleep so we could get naps back on track. And then we re-tried the timing of her sleep. I tried nursing her before every nap to get her good and groggy. Nothing was working, so she now has been working on sleep training, per the doctor’s recommendation.
  • Thanks to the sleep issues, Madeleine got so fussy one night, she gave mommy her first big scare where she wouldn’t stop crying no matter what I did.
  • Since we’ve been doing the sleep training, she now puts herself to sleep on occasion with NO crying when laid down awake!
  • Madeleine got to meet Santa for the very first time.
  • Madeleine celebrated her first Christmas!
  • She has been continuing the tummy time adventures, and is making even more progress!
  • Madeleine celebrated her first New Years, and kept mommy and daddy awake VERY late.
  • She had her first babysitting experience with B, D and uncle Erik so that Alex and I could go to the Seahawks Game.
  • Madeleine rolled over for the first time! She still has not repeated this action, so it’s my guess that it was a fluke where she got her legs up against the rails of her crib and pushed off. But, I’m still counting it as a valid first.
  • She has also started doing what we call the ‘shy smiles’. This is where she’ll smile really huge at you and then lean in towards whoever is holding her and turn her face into their chest to hide. 🙂 It is absolutely adorable.
  • My mom came out to visit again! On this visit Madeleine blew bubbles for the first time. She napped regularly without a lot of crying/protesting. And she was a very happy girl for grandma!
  • Madeleine also got to meet several people for the first time. She met the Parkers along with Kristin and her kiddos. She met Aunt Kristine also! And at Alex’s company Christmas party, she met even more of his co-workers.
  • We went for some more walks.
  • Madeleine is getting better at staying awake in the car and on stroller trips. The doctor said that her constant falling asleep in the car seat for both types of trip was a sign of over-tiredness. So I’m glad this has been happening.
  • She is getting even more interactive with her toys. She has gotten very good at grabbing things and pulling them to her mouth. In fact, she is a lot better at sucking on her fingers. Specifically the same two fingers that I sucked on as a kid – the ring and middle finger on my right hand. I’ll have to post comparison photos. Hehe
  • She is also good at making her rattle spin when I hold it in front of her.
  • She experienced ‘the bouncy chair’ for the first time. She loves it as long as she’s not in a fussy mood.
  • She is getting more and more vocal and likes to babble with us.
  • I also discovered that she likes the hokey pokey when I move the appropriate limbs for her.
  • Madeleine laughs at me when I imitate her grunts. Hehe!

Ok, I think that’s it for firsts and new accomplishments this month. She is growing so very fast, I can’t believe it. Here are more photos from the past month:

Mommy and Daughter, Christmas Day 2009 So precious!

 Here are more that D took with her digital camera, from babysitting Madeleine!

Mmmmm, food!


Oooh ooh! What's that?

Isn't she charming? Love those smiles!

This face cracks me up! She does it when she's looking at you like "What are you doiinggg??"

Really, really big grins.

And now, more misc. photos.

Meet Aunt Kristine!

Hanging out with great grandma Karin

Bouncy chair delight!

I will get that bird...now I need to plot. How to get that bird...hmmmmm

Trying really hard to reach out and grab it

Eeee! I touched it!

Deep in thought in the pink glow of her room - thanks to new magenta curtains

She's just so cute...I can't help it


Annnddd, the classic hand behind the ear pose that she does all the time. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed!! She’s napping right now, and looking at all these pictures makes me want to go in and get her up to play with. 😀


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