OMG – I feel sick to my stomach

The Curtains

So recently I purchased these adorable magenta curtains for Madeleine’s room because she needed curtains and I wasn’t finding what I wanted in blackout shades. These are not blackout shades, but there is an option I can purchase to modify them to be. So, we’ll see if we need those in the future. But the color was PERFECT for her room and since we didn’t paint the walls a fun color, I thought they’d spice it up a bit. That’s part one.

Part two has to do with this cute little snow globe my mom bought for Madeleine. Snow globes are my mom’s thing. 🙂 Once she discovered the super fancy ones, she fell in love and my dad and I would buy her one every year for Christmas. So we were putting things away and (before curtains were installed) we put the snow globe, some stuffed animals, etc in the window for display. So cute.

Then I put the curtains up. Good deal. I still need to iron them, but this is problematic because every time I think to do it, she is down for a nap. LOL But at least now we’re not on display for the entire street, which was especially a problem at night time.

Then we had a super sunny day (today) and that window gets direct sunlight in the mid-morning/early afternoon part of the day. And I just went in to change Madeleine and put her down for her nap and I saw something funny on the curtains. Huh, what is that? I crept closer to take a look, because at first it looked like pine needles were stuck to it and I was baffled as to how pine needles would be stuck on the curtains.  No, it was not pine needles. It was something far, far scarier. Some of you may have guessed by now what it was.

Yes, you guessed it. Those are burn marks. Burn Marks. OMG.

Thank god those curtains have a flame retardant coating on them. My baby could’ve been asleep in that room when the curtains just went up in flames. *cry* And this is the reason I feel sick to my stomach. So thankful that’s not what happened, but also totally freaked out that it could’ve.

As you may have guessed, the snow globe is no longer in the window. Niether is anything else. All of it has been removed. Now, if only my heart would quit racing and work it’s way out of my throat and back down to my chest cavity where it belongs.


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