Our weekend with grandma!

So, as I mentioned before, my mom came to visit for the 3 day weekend. It went by way too quickly, but was so nice to have her here.

Our ambitions for everything we were going to accomplish were a bit too high, given Madeleine’s sleep schedule and how easily she gets off track. But we did manage to get my hair cut (yay!! The straggly split ends are gone. It looks so much better!) and we got to shop a little bit and we also got to go over to the Parkers’ for a late lunch on Sunday.

My mom had fun getting to do the every-day things with Madeleine, like getting her up from her nap, feeding her a bottle and pushing her stroller around the mall. She also got to use her new digital camera to take some pictures of Madeleine herself. 🙂

And, on top of all that, she took care of me! Making me food, cookies, cleaning up a bit. 🙂 Nice mommy!

Things to note about Madeleine during this visit: she started blowing bubbles for real, rather than just letting them sneak out of her mouth. She was actively doing it and making the noise. LOL! AND, she decided that she’s shy about her need to have a bowel movement. She went just before my mom arrived here (my mom showed up about half  an hour later) and didn’t go again until, literally, 5 minutes after my mom headed off to the airport.  How funny is that?

So here we go with pictures. Mom loved getting her up from her nap time. Whenever we’d hear her start waking up on the monitor, mom would practically race me to the room so she could get her up. LOL!

Are you awake??

Good morning sleepy girl!

Time to get you out of your sleepy wrap

"Oh grandma, thank you so much for rescuing me!! I want to play!"

And the next day we got play time with grandma!

Hi mom! Look who's holding me!!

"Ooooh! Lookit my toy!"


Check out the pants mommy put me in. LOL! Toooo big!

She may or may not have been getting fussy for food. LOL!

And grandma even got to feed the baby girl a bottle. I’d thought for sure that Madeleine would get hungry while I was at my hair appointment, so I had the bottle all ready, but she slept through the entire thing. So instead, my mom fed her when we got home. 🙂

For a little while, she kept staring at me. LOL! She seemed a little confused why she was getting a bottle if I was there.

Eventually she realized who had the milk this time, though. 🙂

While at the Parkers, Ron took photos of us!

The 3 generations of women 🙂

"This is what I think of that flash!"

Mommy kisses!

Grandma love!


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