Another installment of…the many faces of Madeleine

Back in October, I made this post about Madeleine’s many different faces. Well, now that she’s 3 and a half months old, she has new and different faces that she makes. This is so bittersweet. She no longer does the Housh face. Occasionally I’ll see a glimmer of the suspicious face, but not often. She has a replacement face for that that we’ll get to in a minute.

Her expressions have gotten grander and more hilarious with time. So while it is so fun to watch her grow, it’s also sad to look back and see just how fast she is growing.

The smile. We get this one so frequently now. And we get HUGE smiles when we go in to get her out of bed after a nap or in the morning. 🙂

The Elvis face still appears every so often. hehe!

The tongue sticking out face. 🙂 Sometimes we joke that she’s trying to be the next Gene Simmons (you know, the guy from KISS).

Here’s the “huh?” face.

This is the “look at me, I’m such an innocent little angel” face. hehe

Here’s the face where she, just in the last day or two, has started immitating us opening our mouths all wide. It used to make her smile, now she copies us. LOL!

This is the “yes, I’ll sit here looking cute for you. Could ya hurry up though??”

The sneezy face!

The “how many fingers can I get in my mouth” face.

The drooly face!

Hope you enjoyed!!


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One response to “Another installment of…the many faces of Madeleine

  1. grandma

    I love the many faces of Maddy!! And she is just so gorgeous!! (A lot like her mother!)

    I will miss the swaddler- it was like seeing the little pea pod come to life after her naps.

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