Say goodbye to the swaddler

Madeleine has gotten so much use out of this swaddler sack. In fact, as I have said before, I think it’s the reason that she slept through the night so soon since neither Alex or I could manage to swaddle her tight enough that she wouldn’t break out of it.

Well, the other day I was noticing that she doesn’t startle like she used to. 😦 That Moro Reflex has officially disappeared. My baby is growing up! So, I figured it was time that she start sleeping without the swaddling since the velcro fabric was starting to wear out on her swaddler. That’s right folks. We used it so much, we wore it out. LOL!

So now she sleeps in the handy little sleep sack that came in the same set as the swaddler. It’s essentially the swaddler sack without the swaddling arms. We use that as her little blanket at night and nap time so she doesn’t get cold, but that way we don’t have to have a loose blanket in the crib, which makes her mama nervous.

Ever since her three month growth spurt she has stopped sleeping through the night. She’ll sleep for a 5-6 hour stretch, wake up for food, sleep for another 1-3 hours, wake up for food and then sleep again for another 1-3 hours. Usually we average about 9-10 hours a night this way, so she is well rested, but I am not. She’s doing much better with nap times though. Even with switching her from the swaddler to no swaddler, she only cries/whines for about 20 min. before falling asleep. And these days it’s not usually an actual cry, it’s more of whining or wimpering, but then I can hear the finger sucking on the monitor and she falls asleep shortly thereafter. 🙂


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