Monday’s Mommy Tips – Meal Time

So I thought that I’d start a new feature here with helpful tips and tricks that I learn from my other mommy friends along the way. đŸ™‚ There are some things I hear that I think “MY GOSH that is smart!” Or “Oh wow! That works that young?” and know that if I wasn’t so blessed to know so many great moms, I wouldn’t have a clue about most of it.

Now, with that intro, here is the tip for this week:

Start having meals as a family at the dinner table as soon as possible. Even if the baby is in a bouncy chair or their car seat or an exersaucer. They’ll get used to the fact that you sit down to eat as a family and will sit still much better in restaurants, holiday dinners with family and just in general at meal time.

For us, I usually eat while Madeleine is napping since she’s still little enough that she naps a lot of the time. But as she’s awake more and more this will be happening more and more. We had dinner last night or the night before when she was awake and she sat patiently in her bouncy chair!


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