Officially a side sleeper!

A couple of times this week I have had to get Madeleine up before she was awake. The first time I went into her room on Wednesday because we had to go to a doctor’s appointment for Alex and she was sleeping on her side!!

Whoa!! Look at that! I guess she must roll over onto her back when she wakes up, because I have never found her in her crib like that after she’s woken up.

Doesn’t she look so cute in her big ole’ crib like that?

Now, if only we could get her to roll all the way onto her side like this when she’s awake, we’d be making progress onto her rolling over from back to front! More on that in another post. šŸ˜‰



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2 responses to “Officially a side sleeper!

  1. grandma

    Hummm… I would say she has a favorite side!

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