Monday’s Mommy Tips – Preventing Tooth Decay

So I was reading a blog I frequent about parenting and came across this post.

It talks about preventing tooth decay in your kids and how starting healthy habits before your kids even have teeth is so important. I have to admit, eating usually makes Madeleine good and drowsy, so I’d been nursing her to drowsiness/sleep on a regular basis. After reading this article, I need to stop that. ย The new plan is to feed her, then wake her up by burping, changing diaper and then I’ll rock her to sleep instead.



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2 responses to “Monday’s Mommy Tips – Preventing Tooth Decay

  1. Jo

    Those are good goals to have if you’re not wanting M to be dependent on milk to sleep. However, if your main motivation to alter her schedule is simply to avoid tooth decay, I wouldn’t act so fast to alter your routine. ‘Baby bottle mouth’ is a very good thing to be mindful of, but it is also very rare in attentive parenting.

    It IS true that dentists and doctors when recommending would seek to have you avoid the bottle/boob to bed scenario because that is most ideal to avoid the decay. But isn’t the only way to avoid it and in fact it isn’t a guarantee to happen even if you do BTB every night. I was BTBed every night and never had any decay (or cavities in my baby teeth for that matter.)

    Honestly, Aiden still is BTB every night. Our doctor and dentist still urge against it but aren’t opposed to it. Instead they offer alternatives and additional ‘steps’ when BTB. 1. switch at the very end of feedings to water to rinse off the teeth or 2. after the BTB and they are asleep/drowsy simply take a damp cloth and rub it on their gums/teeth. I have found (when we do it, which is rare) option #2 is best. 90% of the time Aiden BTBs to sleep (naps included) without any ‘treatment’ to his 12 teeth. I’m not an expert but his teeth look just as pearly white as they day they came in, but I’ll let you know what the dentist thinks on the 24th – we see him again then. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve been brushing Aiden’s gums with the finger brush since he was 4mos (first tooth was at 5mos) we saw the dentist at 11mos for the first time and switched to a child’s toothbrush then – and we do brush his teeth once a day… sometimes twice if he’s had something particularly sweet/sticky/cavity-prone-inducing ๐Ÿ˜‰

    All that to say – while it is something to be mindful of and a good routine to introduce in order to help her not rely on milk to sleep… I wouldn’t do it solely to protect her teeth. You’re a good mom and will not let her teeth rot if she BTBs.

    • thetomlinfamily

      Thanks for the insight!! I definitely plan on talking to her doctor about it on Thursday as well.

      I was discussing this with my mom and she said that the main concern is to not have a bottle in the bed/crib. So, I don’t know. But there are some times where the only way I can get her drowsy enough to sleep is by feeding her, so I do. She is just way too curious and would rather be up and hanging out with us than asleep in her room, even if she’s super tired and fussy. Silly girl!

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