4 Month Doctor’s Visit Number 2

Ok, we are back from the doctor!

Things went VERY well. Madeleine has gained 8 oz. in the last 24 hours and the doctor was pleased as punch. 🙂 He said that at this point I can go back to breast feeding her, and then after 20 minutes or so give her formula until she won’t take anymore. He wants me to continue breast feeding just as much as I want to continue. I really really adore her pediatrician. He’s great!

So I’ll be taking the fenugreek to continue to try to boost my supply as well as mother’s milk tea. We have another appointment for a week and a half from now to re-weigh her, discuss moving back to 100% breastfeeding w/no more formula and solid foods introduction. 😀

Can I just say, I thought I had a demanding baby. You know, those babies who no matter what you do, they’re fussy. As it turns out, I just had a hungry baby. She is like a completely different little girl today. Squealing, talking to us ALL the time, laughing!!! She’s laughed so much today! Turns out her shoulders are ticklish. hehe! Imagine my delight when I went to give her little cheeks kisses and she laughed up a storm because my chin was tickling her shoulder. 😀

I am so much happier knowing that we’ve found the problem and she’s so much happier! Really, I am tearing up writing this because it’s such a relief.

So there you have it! Stay tuned for her 4 month birthday post later. I still need to get her photo today after she wakes up from her nap.



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3 responses to “4 Month Doctor’s Visit Number 2

  1. grandma

    Happy baby, happy mom, happy baby, happy- you get the point. So glad Maddy is laughing and talking- makes her more and more like us!! love you—

  2. Jo

    Yay! Great news!!! If only there was a fix for my lack-of-sleep boy. I think it’s the male gene he inherited – siigh.

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