4 Month Doctor’s Visit!!

We took Madeleine to the doctor yesterday. It was not a good visit. At 2 months old, she weighed 10 lbs 10 oz. Yesterday she weighed 9 lbs 15.5 oz. 😦 My poor baby!!

The doctor told me to feed her formula exclusively for 24 hours and see if there’s any gain. He wanted to determine if it’s a problem with her being unable to gain weight or if it’s an issue with nursing and my milk supply.

She got hungry while we were there, so I fed her in the exam room and after 45 minutes of nursing, we re-weighed her. No difference. *cry* So the nurse brought in those ready-made bottles of formula that are 2 oz. each and she guzzled them down. The doctor came in to check on us and he said “wow!! Little piggy!” because she was chugging it down so hard.

I feel awful that I didn’t know anything was wrong. But this explains the lack of a BM. This  explains the constant nursing lately. She was eating every 1-2 hours all the sudden. This explains all the fussiness and her moodiness. And it explains her sudden sleep regression at night where she’d sometimes be up every 2 hours.  She was hungry! 😦 Poor baby.

So yesterday after giving her those 2 ready made bottles, she’d gained 5 oz of weight, which means she only got 1 oz from me.  I picked up some Fenugreek from the vitamin store on my way home and have started taking that. I am pumping since she can’t nurse, and we go back to the doctor today at 2:30.

Keep your fingers crossed that she’s gained good weight and that the doctor is happy so we can breastfeed and supplement just a bit. I don’t want to continue this formula business for long, because it’s tough to find time during the day to pump as often as I need to.  And, of course, I think my milk is better for her than formula. As long as I’m producing enough of it. She does feel heavier and just more substantial to me already. She feels like a little tank today.

Other than that, she is doing very well. He is very happy with her head control. He is very happy that she has “conversations” with us and that she demands attention by “talking” if we’re looking away from her. She smiled for him many times! I’m sure she was saying “thanks for figuring out that I am hungry, doc!”

He said it’s ok that she’s not been laughing a ton, because it’s more important that she’s “conversing” with us, as far as he’s concerned. Showing that interaction is an important milestone to determining whether or not a baby has autism. Because she has the expected interactions, he’s happy!

I am so glad that in every other way, her development is going well. I’ll update again after her doctor’s appointment this afternoon.



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3 responses to “4 Month Doctor’s Visit!!

  1. Jo

    😦 I’m sorry! Hopefully it’s just a temporary deviation from breastmilk and that everything is a-ok with M and her weight gain.

  2. bri

    Aww, well i’m thinking of you two gals today. Drink, madeleine, drink!

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