Happy 4 Month Birthday!!

4 Months Old!

**Disclaimer** Sorry this post took another day or so to get up. Between pumping, cleaning bottles, feeding myself, feeding her, etc etc. it has been a very busy last couple of days.

Well, my baby girl has officially reached the 4 month mark. She’s all the sudden hitting all sorts of milestones and firsts. Her 4 month photo is to the right.

But let’s get the stats out of the way. She had a doctor’s appointment two days ago for her 4 month check-up. Of course, the main issue was her weight loss.  But at least this time we have her sleep issues under control. Now that she’s getting enough to eat, she’s napping for an hour and a half at a time, instead of 45 minutes. Woohoo! 

She did not receive her immunizations this time, because the doctor wants to make sure we get her weight gain going for a while before interfering in any way with shots or solid foods. She has another doctor’s appointment for March 2nd to follow up again and check weight gain and discuss how to move forward from there. Hopefully my milk supply is boosted by then.

As of yesterday when she was re-checked, she is still down from her two month appointment at 10 lbs 7.5 ozs. However, this was an 8 oz gain in just one day! Hopefully she continues to pack it on in this way.

The doctor did say that she is developing really well in all other areas, though. He is very happy with her head/neck control, and now that she’s getting enough to eat her personality is coming out even more. She is such a chatter box! Loves to talk and squeal and generally do hilarious things. In fact, today I got her to giggle by saying “giggle giggle giggle!!!”. 🙂 Hehe!

So what else happened this month?

  • Madeleine completed sleep training and is now sleeping for 10-11 1/2 hours at night with 1-2 wake-ups. Some nights she’s up more than that, but she is doing far better than she was when she was going through her 3 month growth spurt.
  • Madeleine has learned to blow bubbles! She also smacks her tongue on the roof of her mouth and smacks her lips. 🙂
  • She also has outgrown the need for her swaddler and is now sleeping in just a sleep sack without the swaddling binding.
  • Daddy has  come up with a favorite game of hers! The airplane game.
  • Madeleine has officially found her toes! And even more recently, she’s figured out how to get her toes in her mouth. 😀 She jammed her entire foot in her mouth during bath time the other night.
  • She spent her first Superbowl with her parents watching the game. And eating. And napping. 🙂
  • Madeleine has figured out how to roll onto her side and has started sleeping that way! It’s actually really cute because now when  I lay her down, she kicks her legs up into the air and rolls almost immediately when I lay her down.
  • We used the Moby for real for the first time. Madeleine loves going for walks when she’s sitting up like this.  She also likes doing housework with me while I explain to her how everything works.
  • We have officially adjusted her bedtime routine to include bath time, as she loves bath time! She’s also developed a ‘natural’ bedtime of about 7 pm. However I discovered by accident one night that if I push it to 8pm, she’ll sleep just a tad later in the mornings. 😉 So she is going to bed a little later now, usually around 8 or so.
  • Madeleine managed to roll from her front to her back for the first time. Twice! I do not yet have video documentation, which is why there’s not been a post about it.
  • She also laughed for real for the first time, a chuckle “hahaha”.  😀 I was imitating her sneeze and she just thought that was hilarious. For a while I couldn’t get her to repeat it, but since she’s been getting more to eat, she has been giggling up a storm.  
  • Our newest way to read books is to lay on a blanket on the floor, both of us together, with the book above us. She loves this because  she can look back and forth between me and the book. I got a “haaaa” out of her one time this way.
  • She has started playing with toys in the bath. These adorable little bath tub finger puppets.
  • She also has had apple juice for the first time! Her first food other than breast milk.
  • She’s slowly transitioning into the 3-6 month clothes. Her 0-3 month clothes are a bit too short, but the 3-6 clothes seem to be drowning her, still. It certainly won’t be long, now.
  • We had visits from both sets of in-laws this last week. I’ll include photos in another post.
  • She absolutely loves conversing with us now. We go back and forth chatting all the time and her favorite is this adorable little squeal. She love it when I immitate her back. 🙂
  • Madeleine also loves the mirror and grins at her own reflection!

In fact, because I’m exhausted and soo far beyond ready for bed, I’ll do the photo update in another post.


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One response to “Happy 4 Month Birthday!!

  1. Jo

    Ah the plight of every woman – in between sizes. Siigh 😉 She’s absolutely ADORABLE!!! I can’t say it enough!

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