4 Month Follow-up

We went to the doctor on Tuesday for Madeleine’s follow-up appointment.

In 11 days she gained 1lb 7oz!!  From our first appointment at 9lbs 15.5oz,

With daddy at the doctor's office

she gained 8oz by the next day and was at 10lbs 7.5oz. Today she was at 11lbs 14.5oz! I’ve definitely noticed that she was turning into a little chunker compared to before.  My arm gets a lot more tired carrying her around. She went from off the charts at less than 0% to being in the 10th percentile!

So she got her 4 month shots since he was happy with her weight gain and we’ll go back again a couple of weeks before her 6 month check-up. He said I can start her on solids a few days before that appointment so we can discuss how it’s going, but that for now he wants to keep her on breast milk and formula since it’s far more calorically dense. He wants her to continue climbing the percentile chart to get back to where she had been.

Alex and I are both a little bummed about not starting solids yet. We were excited to. I even purchased the high chair and a food processor for baby food puree-ing. But I’m so glad he was so happy with her weight gain.

I was going to post this earlier, but Madeleine was not feeling well at all after her shots, so yesterday just flew by. She had a fever and had her first taste of baby Tylenol. Because one of the immunizations has tetanus in it, the nurse told us to make sure to massage that thigh so it wouldn’t be as sore. Every time I did that, she’d start crying, though. 😦 She was not napping well and just looked like she wasn’t feeling well. She was ok if we were actively engaging her, but the minute I’d have to do something else she got fussy. Her reaction to her 2 month shots wasn’t this bad, so it’s the first time I’ve seen her under the weather like this. 😦

She does, however, have quite the handle on bottle feeding. In fact, she’s a pro at holding the bottle for herself. Her arms get tired after a minute or so, but will hold the bottle all by herself! I can’t believe how quickly she is growing; especially now that she’s chunking up!!

All is well here in the Tomlin house-hold. I just may not be able to post as much for the next little bit, but I will do my best.



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3 responses to “4 Month Follow-up

  1. Jo

    Ok that picture with her holding the bottle is so precious! It looks so big compared to her little self 🙂 Glad to hear everything is going well with the weight gain! That’s great news!!

  2. grandma

    That looks like a huge bottle for a little, but growing, baby. She may be chunky, but she is still gorgeous. Congrats on the success!

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