Madeleine’s Latest Tricks

Madeleine’s been getting good at lots of things lately!

She has discovered a love of diamonds. My diamonds. 🙂 Whenever she notices my wedding set or my right hand ring she is captivated! It is so funny. She tries to grab them and follows my hand movements with her eyes. hehe! Her daddy is in trouble!

She is also rolling on her side to play. And the other day while playing with her little friends Maya and Ender, from my mommy group, she rolled from her front to her back again. She’s done it before, but only once. It took me totally by surprise!

She’s also gotten very good at pulling on her little music maker on her bouncy chair! In fact, she has gotten so good at it that the music plays almost constantly when she’s in her chair.  Once it stops, she pulls it again almost immediately.  This makes for some very repetitive showers for mommy, since that’s where she usually hangs out while I’m showering.

She has also discovered Calliope. Well, she’s actually discovered both cats and smiles at them really big when they look back at her. But Odin is such a scared-y cat that when she makes any movement at all, he runs away. LOL! Here’s a video of Madeleine’s interactions with Calliope. Up until tonight, Calliope would run away, too. But tonight she let Madeleine pet her and Madeleine was VERY excited about that. There were several squeals and lots of chatter. 🙂

We are now reading books with her sitting up and she’s constantly trying to grab at the pages. I think we’re well on our way to needing the cardboard books rather than the books with the paper pages. Here she is reading with her daddy!

She still loves her airplane game with daddy, as captured on video here. That video also shows her fascination with her feet, which she also manages to get into her mouth these days. Alex thinks I’m crazy for all the video-ing and photo-taking. But, really. I think he should’ve known this was inevitable after I took hundreds upon hundreds of photos of our cats. 😛

It seems like every day there’s something new. I am so impressed by her, but every parent says that, I’m sure. It truly is amazing how much they learn and grow every day.


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One response to “Madeleine’s Latest Tricks

  1. grandma

    She has such big eyes, and is always looking for you! xo xo j

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