Mommy Group

Our birthing class was full of great moms and at our birth class reunion, we decided to start having mommy group outside of the birth class monthly gatherings. 🙂 We have had two now, to date, and it’s so fun to see all the other babies and moms!

Some of our birth class moms & babies! A couple of the moms/babies weren't there yet.

At our birth class reunion, we took the picture to the right. 🙂 Look at all our adorable little ones! This reunion was at our teacher’s guest house, which was PACKED with other babies and moms, which is a large part of the reason we are meeting outside of those reunions.

Two more moms and babies!

For our first mommy group gathering almost all of the moms and babies made it, but the second gathering was much more intimate. Just three of us moms and babies. And they were the three oldest babies, of which Madeleine is the youngest. Ender is about 3 weeks older than Madeleine and Maya is about 2 weeks older.

Madeleine really seems to enjoy her little friends. 🙂 She likes seeing new people and babies. They all did tummy time together, at which point she flipped over for the first time in a couple of weeks! Showing off for her friends. hehe!

And, of course, it’s good for this mama to get out of the house and see other moms who are going through the same stuff I’m going through. It definitely is nice to be able to discuss all of the new things going on with our babies. This past week the main topic of interest was solid foods and feeding! And since we all have different resources, we get great perspective hearing what the other moms have read/been told by their doctors.

Group Tummy Time! Madeleine on the left, Maya in the middle and Ender on the right

Madeleine Rolled! Ender is ticked about being on his tummy and Maya is just chillin' in her cuteness.



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3 responses to “Mommy Group

  1. Jo

    It’s such a small world that you know Ender and his mommy 🙂 What fun you guys all get together still. 🙂

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