The high chair has arrived!

So, in anticipation that the doctor would tell us we should start solid foods, I ordered Madeleine her high chair and it arrived today!

Since we’re not starting solids, I want her to get comfortable sitting in it so we can start seating her at the table with us for meal times. 🙂 Today she had her first go at it. She was so cute! She kept sticking her feet in the air and wiggling all around, in a ‘this is so fun!!‘ kind of way.

And then later in the evening, she hung out playing in her high chair in the kitchen with me for a bit while dad vacuumed and I was preparing dinner. 🙂

And on a side note, our UPS man is so funny. He always tries to hide packages so people don’t steal them off our porch, which I appreciate. However, sometimes it’s just a tad ridiculous. I was sitting on the couch feeding Madeleine when he stopped by and I saw him come up, heard him put the package down and saw him start to walk away. Then he turned back: what?? I heard him shuffling the box around and saw him step back to analyze the position of it again, and then when he was satisfied, he went back to his truck. When Madeleine was all full and down for a nap, I went outside to get it and this is what I found:

Oh UPS man! You try so hard. LOL!! Now to give him credit, from the street one would probably not notice that there’s a package there, but from my angle it looked downright silly.


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