Monday’s Mommy Tips – Re-think it!

Before Madeleine was born a fellow mommy friend of mine told me that she used the plain white cloth diapers as burp rags. Interesting!! Good idea, right? Why pay for those expensive burp cloths just to get them all  stained.

Well, in reality, I have not really needed burp cloths because Madeleine doesn’t spit up much at all.  She went through a brief phase where spit-up was happening a fair bit, but that only lasted a couple of weeks. Instead, I have found that the plain cloth diapers are great to use on the changing table for when she has an exceptionally poopy diaper.  This way any residual poop ends up on the  diaper, and not on the changing pad cover. Since I only  have one cover, it’s much easier to just throw that  diaper in the wash and put a new one down for next time.

I also never used the receiving blankets to swaddle her. Instead, I used them to lay over my nursing  pillow or glider arm so that when she leaked milk while eating, it got on that rather than the pillow or chair fabric. 😉 I also used it to wipe any excess milk off her face/cheeks. Then, I could just swap out receiving blankets regularly to wash and not be constantly washing the nursing pillow cover. Receiving blankets were used pretty regularly for me as burp cloths when she was spitting up though, because they were always right there, and they work well, too.

I use baby wash cloths for bath time, but also for wiping drool from her chin, cheeks and neck. 🙂

So, just think about what baby supplies you have and what different things they can be used for to make your life easier. I know all mommies have different tricks like these that they use. If you have a favorite trick, leave a comment for me! I’d love to hear them. 🙂


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